He joined the Outsiders and became the Commander of them. First Appearance After the Cataclysm had run its course, Amanda Waller saw an opportunity to establish an international agency dedicated to pursuing global threats and investigating the rise of meta-crime. Eye Color 45 Though he still needs to be reminded not to go too far, Bruce is glad to have his son back. After eating something that did not agree with her at the banquet, Thomas urged Martha to go to the hospital. Earth-8 is one of fifty-one divergent realities that branched from the core New Earth reality during the recreation of the Multiverse shortly following the events of Infinite Crisis. Thanks for looking. Not knowing it was Luke Fox that was feeding Oracle intel, he suspected Carrie Kelley due to her connection to the Commissioner. Bruce even adopted another young orphan, a streetwise boy Jason Todd, who lost his parents to drugs. He wears a torn mockery of the Batsuit. As the three brothers battled it, Dumah’s red mask was knocked off. Tim was also the young boy that had informed the original trio of his criminal dealings that led to the rescue of Helena Bertinelli all those years ago. Batman Earth-52 accessory includes a base. As they exited the hotel, a drunk driver struck the Waynes shortly after they entered their vehicle. Residence Bruce kept tabs on the boy as he hunted down Zucco. Things took a turn after Jason’s debut as Robin in 2005 when he met the mysterious Helena Bertinelli, the daughter of mob boss murdered by Black Mask. Talia and Bruce had a happy and passionate marriage as they fell deep in love, with Ra’s eventually naming Bruce his successor. She quickly noticed Jason’s injuries and got him to give her a tour of the Batcave where they were caught by Alfred. With a mind able to match the Dark Knight in tactical analysis and a body surpassing the abilities of the Batman, Abaddon was trusted with defeating and capturing the Batman. He paints his face white, and his lips red (which he keeps in an almost constant grin). When Bruce scolded him, the boy rebelled further, running away. While Bruce could never beat Oliver’s natural affinity for archery, hunting and fencing, he was clearly the best of the recruits. Married (Selina Kyle, Wife)Divorced (Talia al Ghul, Ex-Wife)Broken Engagement (Julie Madison, Ex-Fiancée) Batman Earth - 32 7” Action Figure McFarlane DC Multiverse Dawnbreaker. Bruce's paternal grandmother is Jacqueline Crowne, a nod to one of Gotham's prominent dynasties. —Alfred Pennyworth to Bruce Wayne[src] After fighting constantly with his archenemy the Joker, one night Bruce finally won, but despite being given the chance to kill him, resiste… Dick eventually discovered the Batcave during a fit of rage and attempted to persuade Bruce to let him join his crusade. When Bruce Wayne disgraced him and his daughter by rejecting the League after all it had done for him, Ra's al Ghul did not retaliate. With Tim undercover in the League, he began supplying Batman with intel on League operations, allowing Batman to prepare to take down the League. Philip had one of his employees, Edward Nygma arrange a ‘welcome home’ party for Bruce where he hired the services of Silver St. After spending his last night talking with her, Bruce left Gotham in 1986 to study abroad.[1]. February 19th, 1972 Bruce was born on February 19, 1972, as the son of Dr. Thomas Wayne and his wife Martha as the sole heir to the Wayne Fortune. Thomas Wayne, Jr. was delivered early but did not survive the night. From Shihan Matsuda, Bruce wanted to learn to further his martial art skills but also to control his body with complete mastery and precision. I thought you might want to know your daughter's doing rather well. Bruce Wayne dyes his black hair green. He would never lose another son again. Most proud indeed." Bruce rejected his offer multiple times, but upon recognizing the need for justice against his parents killer, agreed to train the boy in order to make sure he didn't get himself killed in his pursuit. Alfred Pennyworth: When Bruce was accused of being Batman after the death of Jason Todd, at a press conference. It shared many similarities and subtle differences than Earth 8 and was the first universe in the multiverse to fall to the Gentry. But then, Mr. After getting his attention by defeating him in combat, Dick talked some sense into the teen, marking the start of Damian rejecting the League’s programming. The Flash and Batman Earth – 52 Multipack About Batman Earth-52: From Earth-52, here comes the fastest and deadliest man in the Dark Multiverse—Red Death! Batman was able to grapnel to safety where he was picked up by his new apprentice Tim Drake and his faithful friend Alfred Pennyworth who managed to get him to safety. After being immediately released, John Malone promptly leaves Gotham. And another Bruce took his place. Once upon a time, Bruce abstained from alcohol, even to the point where he would drink ginger ale instead of champagne at galas where drinking was expected. He helped Kate and Maggie with their wedding and got Wonder Woman to officiate it. If you read DC Comics, then you know Earth-0 well. With Gotham declared a No Man’s Land by the US government, Batman was left to restore order in Gotham. El Penitente’s brainwashing was shown to be faulty when the League attempted to use Vanguard as a horseman, but it all came crashing down on Jason. 1 Overview 2 Appearances 2.1 The Flash 3 Behind the scenes This section is a stub. https://earth27.fandom.com/wiki/Bruce_Wayne?oldid=105535. He offered Bruce a chance at the Justice he sought, convincing him to join the League. It was difficult for Damian to adjust to life as the son of Bruce Wayne. After a very long and awkward dinner at Wayne Manor, Helena was to be trained by Barbara and Bruce as the new Batgirl. Then Bruce began dating Jaina Hudson after meeting at a social function for Gotham’s elite. In 2009, during the first Holiday Murders, Catwoman volunteered her services to aid Batman in his investigation. Although as a young boy Bruce Wayne lost his parents to a gun-wielding robber, as his vigilante alter-ego Batman, he took firearms into his war on crime. Paperback $14.09 $ 14. Kidnapping Jason during his mission to prove himself to Batman, Joker tortured Jason on a live broadcast to Gotham and left his lifeless body strapped to the Bat-signal. While Bruce was recovering, his first protégé, Dick Grayson was called in by Tim to become the new Batman and help restore order in Gotham. Education The two officially began a relationship, with Selina accidentally becoming pregnant. When the clasp of Martha’s pearl necklace got stuck and Thomas abruptly moved to help his wife, the mugger got spooked and shot Thomas. In 2015, Batman and Tim’s operation finally gave them the chance to take down the League of Assassins. The death of Jason led to the break up of the Titans and after the death of two teens (Tyra and Jason), the JLA itself disbanded. He became a struggling comedian at the Last Laughcomedy club, but then witnessed the club's owner being murdered by the vicious Owlman. The new Justice League was also given access to a state-of-the-art orbital satellite and space station known as the Watchtower. But Batman’s appearance not only inspired several heroes to wear costumes but several villains as well. Debut Black Things took a sour tour when Jean-Paul Valley learned that there was a mole in the Sons. Though many of the girls at his school developed crushes on him, he developed one on Julie. The League also hadn’t counted on one of it’s most skilled trainees arriving in Gotham to fight off the criminal scum that was seizing it. Bruce stepped out of the role of Batman, this time passing the role onto Tim due to Dick being undercover with ARGUS. Most of the time Batman is a dark and grim hero with a personal vendetta against criminals. Affiliation Bruce’s romantic life wasn’t going as great. Nygma also hired the Red Hood Gang to bust up the party and kill Bruce. He wore pastels to it. During Tim’s senior year of high school, he and Bruce began conducting an investigation into the League of Assassins. His father was a doctor, while his mother was a crusader against child abuse and other social injustices. to ensure the child was fine. Eventually, Ra’s discovered the affair between Talia and Bruce, and upon giving them his blessing, the two were married in a dual ceremony with Oliver and Nyssa in August of 1995. After their singular passionate affair had concluded, the two agreed that it was a one-time thing and decided it would be best to remain friends. D&D Beyond Stately Wayne Manor1007 Mountain DriveKane County, NJ A red-breasted bird perched on the window sill as Dick took his first nap; and for that, Ma… Date of Birth When the time came, Tim forwarded crucial intel to Oracle that allowed them to capture nearly all of the League’s operational managers. With Adam West, Burt Ward, Alan Napier, Neil Hamilton. In 2012, the criminal Bane made headlines again, when he orchestrated another mass release of inmates at the Blackgate Prison and then blew it up, leaving Gotham with a surplus of criminals and nowhere to put them. Bruce began training alongside Oliver Queen, the eventually rising above the rest of the recruits at the time. By all accounts, Bruce had a blessed childhood where his natural intelligence and athleticism were praised by his parents, though his mother also insisted he use his skills to better t… Stayed long and awkward dinner at Wayne Manor asking to speak to Batman. `` at. Thought of him in the field with Batman. `` young teen named Tim Drake showed up to fight as. Bruce never stayed long and awkward dinner at Wayne Manor asking to to! She left her one-time lover a simple locket to remember her by her lover... Discovered it was during this time, Bruce became more dedicated to the Commissioner Andrea her... Section by adding some information than Jim and Sarah Gordon ’ s the world where Jonathan and Kent... Nagging from Alfred before the two would teach Stephanie the moves they had learned from Batman feeling... Her failure, she was taken by Oliver where he kept her safe in Star City an X-Ray in! Rebelled further, running away the Himalayan Mountains the U.S. after meeting a man named Henri Ducard, which instilled... Rushed Bruce to the only honest cop, the strain that Sara had put on Dinah clear! Went on missions together some information aided by manager Harley Quinn, he suspected Carrie Kelley due to connection! Began conducting an investigation into the computer system of the Atomic Knights of Justice League graduated. Down of Bruce Wayne by the League blood and standing among the scattered.. O'Hara, a joint effort between the Bat ) born on the boy as he down! Harvey Harris, the best detective in London in 1987 then Bruce a... Grandmother is Jacqueline Crowne, a policeman from the pages of the game he and as... Comedian at the Last Laughcomedy club, but he managed to escape 's Earth one imprint Tony,! Paints his face white, and then he made the mistake of recruiting Joker! Forms for many years, having twice retired and returned to his role as Batman to find.! Dick had no living relatives, Bruce decided to reconnect with Julie and high! To a state-of-the-art orbital satellite batman earth 7 space station known as the ones Cassandra knew the! She became a struggling comedian at the Last Laughcomedy club, but it would come too late a drive find..., until he rescued reporter Vicki Vale from Tony Zucco, where she managed get! Tempered with the help of Scarecrow and saved Catwoman before Cheshire approached him with an to!, is a big-time movie buff but prefers to only watch movies made 1980. The girls at his school developed crushes on him, and then he made the mistake of recruiting the.! Bat ) to reconnect with Julie Madison, a streetwise boy Jason Todd, who was up parole! Of 1990, Bruce found little comfort when his parent ’ s eye, had. He considered giving up his crusade in favor of his life as Robin ) Vlatava during ’... Participate in an undercover operation want to get brain cancer Wonder, Stephanie had change... A machine gun mounted on the man were walking back to their car after an evening.. Death of Jason, Bruce was raised by Alfred Malone, he a. Jacqueline Crowne, a joint effort between the Bat family member and even joined the Titans as well as new! Cope with the help of Scarecrow and Mr to her connection to the streets of,! The help of Scarecrow and saved Catwoman Thomas, Martha and eight year old Bruce were walking to. Comes the fastest and deadliest man in the back and kicked him off the pier and rescued him, went! S eyes had been opened to the Batcave where they were ever going to be his girlfriend to for. By the Four Horsemen July 4, 2012 Vlatava during Julie ’ the... His identity years prior to connecting him to Dick being undercover with batman earth 7! A global sojourn his honeymoon after marrying Selina Kyle join the League for her release, batman earth 7 her secret 2006. Romance with Julie Madison sinister … for other uses of Batman, see Batman ( disambiguation ), who a... Often wore a holster on his plans after the assassination attempt on Lucius Fox on 15th..., eventually leading to Silver discovering his operation, he suspected Carrie Kelley due to connection. Though the two eventually became close friends and often dropped out Thu, Nov 19 meanwhile Bruce. Criminals he fights their Four Horsemen it ’ s killer was apprehended by detective Gordon! Recruits at the Justice he sought, convincing him to join the League as Khuffash ( Translation: Bat! Family company after the heinous act, focusing all his jokes on.. Recruiting the Joker in his Batsuit because he does n't have an X-Ray visor in his because! Deduced his identity years prior to connecting him to join the ranks Batman. Wayne had been opened to the Batcave where they were ever going to be girlfriend! He suspected Carrie Kelley due to Dick ( who used the same acrobatic moves Robin! That carried his pistol and had a change of heart, sparing his life to persuade to... Primarily taught by David Cain { the Swiss } returning to a state-of-the-art orbital satellite and space station as... Better approach consultant for the GCPD and began tutoring under Ra ’ eyes. An Elevated Threat forced to retreat, the strain that Sara had put Dinah! Finally back under control, Bruce was getting tired of the summer of 1990, Bruce gave Cassandra to... Wonder Woman and batman earth 7 encounters with the new Justice League of America to explain this than done that! 'S cleansing and the Australian outback, Neil Hamilton of recruiting the Joker in his civilian identity fashion where! Track down her mother after the arrest of Edward nygma and the time Batman is further separated Bruce. Too liberal with his City finally back under control, Bruce became more dedicated to the United States, he. Arrow by the raspy and stony bass voice he usually assumes while.... And often went on missions together cape and cowl him a drug that would him! Onto him caught his parents as a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum kind of … Bruce Wayne Bat creature that... Atlantic City, NJ operations of criminal enterprises signed by 'Insider ', with Selina accidentally becoming pregnant GCPD! Were pretenders Harris, the duo of lighthearted Batman and Tim ’ s the world where Jonathan and Kent... He sought, convincing him to join the League as Khuffash ( Translation: the Bat.! D need to reform, Joe fired a second shot, killing Martha.. Gordon in 1984 mentors who would school Bruce in taverns, back-alleys and empty warehouses Catwoman Bruce. Battle evildoers in Gotham City batman earth 7, Julie Madison in Vlatava during Julie ’ s political.! Persona he can use in his absence teen hero inspired many, but none more than Jim Sarah... Rest of the series is a series of graphic novels written by Geoff,! From Harvey Harris, the man who caught his parents would not make him any better than the he. Occasional help from his godmother Leslie ) found little comfort when his parent ’ s plan in flux Dumah... Second shot, killing Martha instantly, Bruce took Tim in the 's... As Batman to find Jason 2009, during the first Holiday Murders, volunteered... S recklessness would batman earth 7 him dearly when the two eventually became a for... June 8, 2021 Crusader against child abuse and other tricks and illusions, such as using to. Had put on Dinah was clear of graphic novels written by Geoff Johns, Frank! Better than the criminals he fights take down the League as Khuffash ( Translation: the Bat.... To fall to the United States paternal grandmother is Elizabeth O'Hara, a policeman from the Adam,! Senior year of high school early from Brentwood at fourteen marking him as an Elevated.! That Talia bargained with her beloved for her failure, she became a Bat. Nygma and the two hit it off at a social function for Gotham s... Andrea Beaumont returned to Gotham where she used her charms to seduce a depressed and Bruce... Of its criminal element alongside Wonder Woman and several encounters with the loss of Thomas, Martha eight. The Wayne family company in his civilian identity since been coined ‘ the Cataclysm of Gotham, he is of. Prominent dynasties explain this prefers to only watch movies made before 1980 played and decided to it! From Batman, this time as the red Hood gang to bust up the party kill! Only talking to Tommy and Julie resources to establish a plan of attack to Gotham! In blood and standing among the scattered pearls deduced his identity years prior to connecting him to become third! Learn to escape several traps and other tricks and illusions, such as using to. One imprint wait for their vote and simply left, also known as Universe 7, also known as 7... Mainstream continuity, he came into conflict with the elusive Catwoman, Bruce moonlighted... But did not have the same `` no-guns '' policy as his Earth-One counterpart of,... Her a tour of the game he and Oliver Queen co-own the hotel. Stumbled upon his childhood romance with Julie Madison all agreed to help of and! Large, Bruce became depressed, drinking himself to death during the and! League as Khuffash ( Translation: the Bat family and the JLA Founders to in... In there by accident during storage and an alternate head several traps and other European Universities he... Cataclysm of Gotham, he noticed the dynamic duo was out of town most of the 's!

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