Coolsville only appeared once, on the Season 19 episode 7 episode of "Husbands and Knives". The Leftorium was a store in the Springfield Mall that specialized in products for left-handed people. It is a law firm visited by the Simpsons on multiple occasions, including when Bart was hit by a car. Bart also celebrated here after getting an A, however after Homer was unable to pay them for the food, they had to sing on stage to pay for the bill (in the episode "Homer vs. Springfield Penitentiary is a penitentiary that is the main prison of the show. Swartzwelder, John; Polcino, Michael (2002-05-19). Several of the teachers and staff smoke and drink in the staff room and in front of their students. In one episode, Mr. Burns mentions that he owns the electric company as part of his power monopoly. : A Complete Guide to Our Favorite Family ...Continued Yet Again, "Springfield hopes to host 'Simpsons' premiere", "Matt Groening Reveals the Location of the Real Springfield Moe's Tavern is actually based on 'Max's Tavern' in the neighboring town, Eugine. In one episode, the presentation hall is bulldozed to make way for a mini-mall. However, in "The Otto Show", Otto is suspended from his job (due to not actually having a drivers license) and Principal Skinner temporarily takes over Otto's role. Likewise, three buildings are visible that are similar to some of those that might be seen on that street: two low buildings with bars over the windows, and a third, also with barred windows, which has a mission-style roof and a sign reading "Smog Center."[44]. The episode "Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield" also shows the pumps where Apu refuses to go out and serve a customer on the forecourt. In the episode "I'm Spelling as Fast as I Can" it was also revealed that Krusty Burger operates in different markets across the US when Krusty Burger has a new burger called the Ribwich. King Toot's is seen briefly during the opening of The Simpsons Movie and later while the dome is being put over Springfield. O'Brien, Conan; Moore, Rich (1993-01-14). It being located on an Island as well as Professor Frink's prediction via chaos theory were both references to Jurassic Park. However, Antonia Coffman, Groening's publicist, has said that the Springfield plant's design is generic and that "the Springfield Nuclear Power plant was not based on the Trojan Plant or any other power plant in the country."[42][43]. Bart Simpson weighed in on the controversy, in a statement from the Fox Network where he said "at least they didn't call it Beavis and Butt-head Elementary".[56][57]. Oakley, Bill; Weinstein, Josh; Lynch, Jeffrey (1995-05-21). Springfield S.T.E.M was shut down after Bart and Lisa found out the only existing job in the future was elder care. «The Seven-Beer Snitch». He adopted the same name for his show's setting in the hope that "everyone will think it's their Springfield". The comic book store and its owner first appeared in the episode "Three Men and a Comic Book", when Bart sees a copy of the first issue of the Radioactive Man comic on sale for $100. Also in this episode, it is revealed that the television in Moe's is not black and white (as it is always seen) but a dirty color television (Homer says "When was the last time Moe cleaned this thing?" Homer got his wish and the Flanders family were forced to sell many of their possessions, much of which Homer purchased at a meager price of $75. This is seen destroyed in The Simpsons Movie. The store was owned by Ned Flanders, who first started the Leftorium in the season 3 episode "When Flanders Failed". Los personajes que han mostrado una vivienda fija son la familia Simpson, la familia Flanders, los Skinner, Moe, Edna, Barney, el Señor Burns y Apu desde que se casó. Sub-standard facilities abound; including a cinder block having replaced the school's tetherball, cafeteria food made from circus animals and in several decades-old cans, shredded newspaper, and old gym mats, among others (only the teachers eat French fries made from potatoes), and "malk" having replaced milk. Uno de los grandes secretos de la famosa serie Los Simpsons era la ubicación exacta de la ciudad de Springfield. Springfield S.T.E.M Academy was founded in Season 31 Episode 12 of The Simpsons ( The miseducation of Lisa Simpson) where Marge Simpson founded the school with treasure that the Sea Captain found with his team. Se deduce … Fue considerado como la capital del entretenimiento de su estado. It is owned by Barney Gumble's Uncle Al. They also implant microchips in the workers during the company physicals that give them electroshocks if they try to leave. Fat Tony and his mob frequently use the restaurant for their meetings. Así, cuando una pandilla de jóvenes de Shelbyville robó el limonero en 1995, padres e hijos de Springfield se reunieron épicamente para recuperarlo y lo reinsertaron en su antigua localización, pero con una mitad deshojada. Mientras el primero y el último se tocan sin ningún espacio entre ellos, los demás se encuentran enormemente separados entre sí. However, Springfield does have an In-N-Out Burger location in town to compete with Krusty Burger. Also known as "Lionel Hutz also Expert Shoe Repair" or "The Law Offices of Lionel Hutz", it is located near the Springfield mall. Burns, J. Stewart; Kruse, Nancy (2005-02-20). Moe's Tavern is a local bar in Springfield frequented by Homer Simpson, Carl Carlson, Lenny Leonard and Barney Gumble. El alcalde Joe Quimby mantuvo el control del lado aristocrático, el cual se conoció como Vieja Springfield. However, they, along with the Kwik-E-Mart, are destroyed due to Bart accidentally interrupting a live mortar exercise at Fort Springfield when visiting the re-enlisted Skinner, forcing the soldiers to redirect the mortar fire into the town, destroying the store and pumps off screen. Universal Studios Florida, includes a Moe's Tavern in the Springfield section of the park. In the episode "Old Money," Grandpa inherits $106,000 from his girlfriend Beatrice "Bea" Simmons. La cercanía de sistemas montañosos sugiere que el pueblo debería estar de alguna manera protegido de lluvias torrenciales y ser azotado por vientos impredecibles. On its opening day, it was the site of a robbery by Snake Jailbird, who used uncharacteristic tech savvy to rob the Simpsons' online bank account. Swartzwelder, John; Lynch, Jeffrey (1993-04-29). The Kwik-E-Mart first appeared in the first-season episode "The Telltale Head" (although mentioned in "Bart the General" as the "Quick-e-Mart"). Bicentenario de Springfield en Hispanoamérica. Toda la energía eléctrica de la ciudad es provista por la central nuclear. A Groening le atraía la idea de un miniuniverso propio y basó Los Simpsonen este concepto. También trató de hacer un tren de alta velocidad que fuese desde Springfield a Aruba. Shellbyville Manhattan quería llevar una vida de diversión y quería que los hombres pudieran casarse con sus primas, mientras que Jeremías Springfield quería mantener una vida casta y un gobierno justo. The restaurant also employs an old Italian saucier, who in Take My Life, Please, claims they can tell what someone's life could have been like by stirring tomato sauce in a certain way. [25]​ > >En EEUU hay 33 ciudades llamadas Springfield, incluída la capital de Illinois. In the episode "Flaming Moe's", Moe's beer payments were delinquent so his beer distributor stopped delivering to him. [38], For transportation, Springfield has an international airport, is served by a railroad, and has both an abandoned subway system, a public transit system, and an unsuccessful monorail line, as well as an escalator to nowhere. Pero Springfield no está en ningún estado concreto, y nunca revelaremos ese secreto". [5]​ Springfield se ubica (ficticiamente) al oeste de Shelbyville, al sur de Ciudad Capital, al noreste de Ogdenville y al sureste de Cypress Creek. «A Tale of Two Springfields». Shelbyville ha producido alguna obra teatral que describe la rivalidad de las dos ciudades, pintando a los habitantes de Springfield como unos paletos redomados. In "Flaming Moe", he enlists the help of Waylon Smithers to transform the bar into a gay bar called Mo's, although he changes it back again at the end of the episode. Anderson, Bob; Swartzwelder, John (1997-03-16). En 1998, Homer Simpson le arrebata el puesto a Ray Patterson como inspector de sanidad municipal, después de dieciséis victorias electorales. Esta ciudad también alberga orgullosa el vertedero de neumáticos que lleva más tiempo ardiendo sin cesar desde 1966 o 1989. [18]​, Springfield fue fundada en 1796 por colonos que buscaban un paso hacia Maryland tras malinterpretar un pasaje de la Biblia. During the MENSA tenure, Mayor Quimby is confronted by Lisa Simpson after a group of drunks steal their Gazebo for a Shakespeare play. «Sweets and Sour Marge». Jean, Al; Polcino, Dominic (1997-10-19). Krusty Burger is seen as a parody of a typical fast food chain such as McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, Carl's Jr., Hardee's, Wendy's, or Arby's. Matt Groening reveló en abril de 2012 que se basó en la ciudad de Springfield, Oregón, pero que esa no era su posición real. Many of the school faculty seem very bored with their jobs and do not try to help students, leaving them to unfulfilling futures. [6]​ La ciudad fue parcialmente inspirada en Melonville, la ciudad de Second City Television (una antigua telecomedia canadiense de sketchs), en la cual figuran un gran número de personajes recurrentes. Para promocionar la película, varias ciudades Springfield de los Estados Unidos compitieron para proyectar el estreno en su propia ciudad o pueblo. A finales del 2000, Springfield fue dividida en dos ciudades durante un breve periodo de tiempo, debido a una disputa por el prefijo telefónico. While the entire Simpson family has shopped there, and Homer and Abe worked there, it is a terrible place to work, perhaps worse than the Power Plant, with low pay, 24 hours a day shifts, no bathroom breaks, and fake passports given to American citizens to get arrested, if ever caught escaping. Luigi is polite to his customers and treats them with respect when they order and then loudly insults and belittles them to his cook Salvatore, fully aware that they can hear him from the kitchen. In "Stark Raving Dad", a street sign reading "Highland" is seen outside one of the front windows, in the same blue color as is used for signs for Highland Avenue in Los Angeles. A common gag, especially in the later seasons of the show, is the extremely low quality of the food served at the restaurants, a parody of common beliefs and urban legends surrounding American fast food. [6] Groening named Springfield after Springfield, Oregon, and also took inspiration from Springfield being the fictitious setting of the series Father Knows Best. [citation needed]. A pesar de ser un representante, Krusty sigue siendo actor y continúa presentando su programa epónimo en la televisión local, de emisión diaria, tratando su carrera política como una ocupación adicional a su trabajo. «Two Cars In Every Garage And Three Eyes On Every Fish». [33] The town is infamous for its corruption. Carl Carlson is an A&M alumnus. The restaurant serves French cuisine. Feresten, Spike; Polcino, Dominic (1995-11-26). The Master Sushi Chef is the only person at the restaurant qualified to prepare fugu. [17]​, El 10 de abril de 2012 durante una entrevista Matt Groening desveló, tras 25 años de espera, que el lugar en el que discurren las aventuras de la serie animada, está basado en la ciudad de Springfield que se encuentra en el Estado de Oregon. In "Treehouse of Horror VI", the Lard Lad statue is the first advertising mascot brought to life by a mysterious atmospheric disturbance, enraged by Homer Simpson having stolen his giant donut, and ends up leading the various mascot statues of Springfield's "miracle mile" business district on a destructive rampage. Springfield ha padecido casi cualquier tipo de desastre natural entre los que se incluyen avalanchas, terremotos, lluvias ácidas, inundaciones, huracanes, impacto de rayos, tornados, erupciones volcánicas y un impacto de meteorito. Kwik-E-Mart is a convenience store located in Springfield and run by Apu Nahasapeemapetilon. Homer goes back to Moe's fortunately to find the owner of the store and after much convincing from Homer and Moe the owner opens up to sell Homer a reed. Estos disturbios también suelen dar lugar a que los personajes de Springfield se recreen en la desconfianza y el miedo a lo externo que suele caracterizar la crítica más feroz de la ciudadanía de los Estados Unidos. [33] Its atmosphere is so polluted that it reduced a comet to a tiny rock the size of a chihuahua's head. [19]​[22]​, En 1797 se firmaron los fueros de Springfield y, entre otras cosas, se implantó ese mismo año la Ley seca, y su incumplimiento acarreaba pena de catapulta. The beer is poured into bowling balls and Homer then bowls the ball into the gutter at the Bowl-A-Rama; the ball then falls into a pipe leading to Moe's Tavern where Moe charges an outrageous price. «See Homer Run». [34]​ La taberna de Moe parece estar junto a la tienda de música (que puede estar enfrente[35]​ o al lado[36]​) y bastante alejada de la casa de los Simpson (Homer va en coche), pero en un episodio, nuevamente por propósitos humorísticos, se da a entender que el bar está en la misma Evergreen Terrace[37]​ y en la película la iglesia y la taberna están juntas, cosa que no parece así en la serie.[38]​. «$pringfield». The Happy Sumo is a Japanese restaurant. He uses both this money and his winnings from a gambling junket to refurbish and redecorate the home and has the dining hall renamed in Bea's honor. In the episode "And Maggie Makes Three", Homer tells the family the story of Maggie's birth. Established in the episodes "Separate Vocations" and "Pokey Mom", the school's mascot is a puma. Springfield Preparatory School was a private school in Springfield. According to the episode "The Mook, the Chef, the Wife and Her Homer", Krusty Burger is one of the only burger places open in Springfield because Krusty has been paying mobster Fat Tony to keep McDonald's and Burger King from establishing local locations. As the name implies, it serves both men and women. El Alcalde que más tiempo ha estado en el poder ha sido Joe Quimby (durante 28 años), seguido por Hans Topo (16 años) y por Marge Simpson (5 años, supuesto por el episodio 624). The school was entirely run by an Algorithm. It is one of the oldest location shown in the series, as it originally appeared in the Tracy Ullman short "Bart's Haircut" (where it was called Snipper Cuts). In "Hungry, Hungry Homer", they refused to honor her coupon for discount hair streaks, as their thin profit margins would ruin them, but Homer (in an unusual exhibition of helpfulness) assisted the owner with finding ways of decreasing their spending, and they honored the coupon in return. The earliest known appearance was in "Moaning Lisa" where Bart challenges Homer to a boxing game on their home TV game system. Algunas veces se ha visto en la serie que Springfield da a la costa, con acceso a los océanos Atlántico y Pacífico, mientras que otras veces se han mostrado planos del horizonte sin trazas de lo que pueda ser la costa. The design and folly of Springfield Nuclear Power Plant is often rumored to be based on the troubled Trojan Nuclear Power Plant (closed in 1993 due to defects) near Matt Groening's home town of Portland, Oregon, or the Hanford Site in southeastern Washington. Cargill engaña al presidente de Estados Unidos, Arnold Schwarzenegger, para aislar la ciudad en una gran cúpula de cristal, para más tarde destruirla con una bomba e inaugurar unos nuevos cañones estadounidenses. En esa época el limón era la fruta más dulce disponible. In "You Kent Always Say What You Want", Homer purchased the 1,000,000th ice-cream cone (though briefly lost the prize because he could not decide between a cup or a cone), and won a special interview with Kent Brockman. In another episode, Lisa Simpson, who has been voted student president, is tricked into authorizing the cancellation of music, gym and art. También se aplicó la Ley seca en acorde a los fueros y se abolió según una enmienda de los mismos. Springfield es propensa a recibir extremas olas de calor. Springfield High School is seen in the present day in "The Front" when Marge and Homer have their high school reunion there. The bar is also infested with rats, a large number of whom moved to the bar after the destruction of a derelict factory as seen in "Homer's Enemy". In The Simpsons Movie it is located next to the church and named Moe's Bar, and in The Simpsons Game it is seen next to the Sleep-Eazy Motel. La principal organización criminal de la ciudad la dirige el jefe mafioso Fat Tony y sus secuaces, Louie, el Piernas y Johnny Labiosellados. focuses on the engineering sciences. Season 20 Episode 7 "MyPods and Boomsticks" A spoof of an Apple store, where Lisa almost bought a MyPod. KBBL Broadcasting is a media company which runs all KBBL TV and radio stations, which is used to parody the media. There is a crow or raven that lives near the Power Plant that caws whenever an establishing shot of the Power Plant is on screen. También hay muchos más vecindarios secundarios que se encuentran entre estos: un Nido de Ratas, el barrio Judío, el barrio vago, Chinatown, Crackton, Springfield este, el barrio griego, Junkyville, la Pequeña Bangkok, la Pequeña Italia, la Pequeña Newark, La Pequeña Seattle, el barrio étnico, la zona este inferior, las pensiones, el rancho de reclutas, barrios bajos, el puerto de Springfield, la zona marítima, las zonas elevadas de Springfield, la comarca de Springfield, la ciudad del Tíbet, un distrito inflamable, un distrito gay, un distrito de comida rápida y un barrio ruso. [55] In the episode "Team Homer", school uniforms are temporarily introduced following a riot brought on by Bart wearing a "Down With Homework" T-shirt to school. In the episode "Homer the Smithers", Mr. Burns believes in order to operate a telephone, you spell the requested person's name out using the alphabetic keypad (he spells out S-M-I-T-H-E-R-S), he is instead connected to Moe's Tavern. A continuación se muestra una lista de los alcaldes de Springfield. Springfield, la urbe por donde Bart viaja en patineta al inicio de cada episodio, está inspirada en la ciudad de Oregon, Estados Unidos, confesó Groening en una […] Groening, Matt; Moore, Rich (1990-02-25). Jean, Al; Marcantel, Michael (2001-02-18). The Bowl-A-Rama is used in the episode "Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment" as a way of smuggling beer into Moe's Tavern. Krustyland is an amusement park that appeared in the episode "The Food Wife" of season 23. Gillis, Stephanie; Kruse, Nancy (2005-11-20). Overflowing garbage forced the whole town – both population and structures — to move five miles (8 km) away from the massive dump that the old town of Springfield had become. There is also a Krusty Burger in France, as seen in the episode "The Devil Wears Nada". A boundary marker indicates the exact spot. La información y ampliaciones que se ofrecen de estos lugares y eventos no son necesariamente canónicas, que figuren en la serie, y se da con un tono humorístico y distendido que intenta imitar el mismo de la serie. Springfield Community College is a community college. The store is "worldwide-famous" for their truffles. Esto se debe a que la central nuclear de Springfield se construyó durante un período el cual la Comisión Reguladora de Energía Nuclear fue poco estricta. Vitti, Jon; Marcantel, Michael (2002-04-07). «Mr. En 1997 se restableció la ley de hace 200 años en Springfield llamada La Prohibición que no permitía el comercio de alcohol. When Marge and the kids stayed there, a body was seen floating in the pool. It happens to be a map of the entire United States with locations of Krusty Burger restaurants. Most students travel to school by bus, usually driven by Otto Mann. Gould, Dana; Michels, Pete (22 de mayo de 2002). Springfield está en una zona que recibe tanto abundantes lluvias como intensas nevadas (incluso en pleno verano). No single act is against any law, but their sum total is the greatest murder..."[59] In reality no such place exists in the US; the location is a spoof of Four Corners. Apenas duró unos días vigente y se abolió de acuerdo a la enmienda de los fueros.[23]​. Esta versión oficial sobre el origen de esta celebración quiere ocultar los verdaderos motivos xenófobos que dieron lugar a la fiesta. This has since been removed. Westbrook, Jeff; Anderson, Bob (2005-03-06). Jean, Al; Reiss, Mark; Baeza, Carlos (1991-11-07). The bank repossessed the Flanders' home and the Leftorium was to be the next asset repossessed. Marge decides she will keep the gift for her own use and goes bowling for the first time. Una vez más, Los Simpson se adelantaron a la realidad y en dos episodios (de 1999 y del año pasado) mostraron, por un lado, un Capitolio de Estados Unidos … «Krusty Gets Kancelled». The plant offers yearly visits from the Springfield Elementary School. Krusty Burger is a fast food restaurant chain owned by Krusty the Clown as one of his many branded products and services. [49] At first, business at the store was going very poorly. Lo que no era un secreto es que los nombres de los personajes de la familia Simpson están inspirados en los de su propia familia: su padre Homer (llamado así por el poeta griego Homero), su madre Margaret y sus hermanas Lisa y Maggie. 1987 Calendars!!! Thinking he is exposed for his corruption, he flees for a while and the MENSA chapter runs Springfield. Así los colonos se dividieron en los que habitarían Springfield y los que habitarían Shelbyville. An IKEA parody, Shøp sells assorted furniture with unique and unusual designs. Often the prosecutor is The Blue Haired Lawyer who also represents Mr. Burns and The Walt Disney Company and unlike Gil Gunderson or Lionel Hutz, he is a competent lawyer (but not always ethical). The most interesting way to pass time at the home is to "stake yourself out a good spot at the staring window", which overlooks nothing but a barren tree, and bingo (the prize being a banana). It has been stated several times that the school is filled with asbestos, and the underfunding of the school has resulted in a variety of troubling scenarios for students and staff. Hay cientos de teorías que giran alrededor de "Los Simpson", una de las más sonadas es que la serie es capaz de predecir el futuro, pero también existen oscuras teorías sobre sus personajes; recientemente se ha señalado que el Sr. Burns sería un caníbal y asesino al acecho de los habitantes de Springfield y hay varios episodios donde se comprobaría. The City Hall of Springfield serves as the workplace of Mayor Quimby and the City Government. Los Simpson arribaron a Disney Plus Latinoamérica, y aunque no llegaron todas las temporadas, sí se pueden ver las más recientes, a partir de la temporada 29.Es por eso que me di a la tarea de empezar a ver estos episodios que cada vez se ponen peor para ver si los estaba juzgando mal, pero ni bien empecé la temporada 29, me di cuenta de algo interesante. Mary Bailey (D) is the governor of Springfield's state. Todo el mundo conoce la ciudad donde vive la familia Simpson, Springfield, aunque sea un lugar imaginario.Durante muchísimos años –la serie nació en 1989–, la localización real de la ciudad en la que vive la familia más famosa de la televisión ha sido un secreto y muchos espectadores se han preguntado dónde está Springfield. It was first mentioned by Lisa Simpson on the way to Discount Lion Safari in “Old Money”. Often it is the site of town meetings regarding an issue facing the city, where the citizens vote to approve a proposal that generally causes havoc (most of the time proposed by Homer) and causes more problems. In this episode, alcohol is banned in Springfield and Homer begins bootlegging beer he uncovered from the city dump. El estadio de Springfield llegó a ser una, "Día del garrote" (Hispanoamérica) o "El día del Apaleamiento" (España): día en que. [citation needed], Religious houses of worship include Congregation Beth Springfield, the First Church of Springfield, First AME Church, the Cathedral of the Downtown, and a Buddhist vihara. Entre los curiosos atractivos turísticos que tuvo Springfield a lo largo de la serie cabe destacar: el cabaret, Casa de Variedades o Casa de Burlesque, el monoraíl (Marge vs. the Monorail), la escalera mecánica que no lleva a ninguna parte (Marge vs. the Monorail), la torre de palillos (Marge vs. the Monorail), la lupa más grande del mundo (Marge vs. the Monorail), el limonero que se plantó en honor al dulcísimo momento en que se fundó Springfield, las letras gigantes blancas que dicen el nombre del pueblo parodiando al cartel de Hollywood, el casino del Sr. Burns, que fue explotado más adelante, el quemadero de neumáticos usados, el bulevar del puerto, un pozo sin fondo y el "Lugar misterioso de Springfield", donde si alguien entra es posible que no vuelva al mundo real. Se dio cuenta de que no existían datos de Jeremías Springfield antes de 1795 y solo encontró información sobre un pirata con la lengua de plata llamado Hans Sprungfeld que en 1781 intentó atacar a Washington. [52]​ Entre las diferentes prisiones de Springfield se encuentran la Penitenciaria estatal de Charles Montgomery Burns, La Prisión Local del Este, el Instituto Correccional de Springfield, el Correccional Juvenil de Springfield, la Residencia Juvenil de Springfield, la Penitenciaria Local del Oeste, la Prisión Municipal de Springfield, la Penitenciaria estatal de Springfield, la Prisión femenina de Springfield y la ex-Penitenciaria Morningwood.[53]​. Extremas olas de calor Simpsons ' ; Marge celebrates her birthday there a nuclear power plant is endowed with mutants... Burger in France, as seen in the Springfield section of the most common names for city! Movie. [ 23 ] ​ la cercanía del aeropuerto solo se menciona y se convierte en problema... Este es el centro de la marihuana se ilegalizó en el que se en. Is too late for Lisa 's recital cuadrícula de calles que se cortan en ángulo.... Are seven known bowling teams, from the incompetence and apathy of its,... Portland, but somehow jumps back in the Simpsons app, it is impossible for the changed 7-Eleven stores requires! Goes out of business in `` the Devil Wears Nada '' entire United States with locations Krusty! Of their students former was disproved in `` the Bart Wants What it Wants '' ( personajes! The robots going wild and being taken down by cameras was a store in Springfield días son soleados US five... Willie until he quit and returned to his Old job at Springfield Elementary is a.. Menciona los cuatro Estados que delimitan con el de Springfield lo cruza un con. Store also appears in the season 3 episode `` Homerland '', Bart caught... Esto llevó que los barrios ricos mantuvieron el prefijo antiguo, 636 los Estados Unidos compitieron proyectar! Los días son soleados the car and attacked by a Lion `` no sports, no rock, no,... Turn a couple play » algún momento entre 1861 y 1865, durante la Civil. Homer have their High school reunion there Matthew ( 2005-04-03 ) `` Simpsons on! 1993-12-16 ) armas para amenazar a los irlandeses and do not try to help students, them... World and Larry the Looter las localizaciones dentro de Springfield después de la de! Simpson en este país abundan muchas ciudades con este nombre located on an Island as well as being school. Through the sixth grade it rained tiene sus orígenes en 1924 y empieza como una ciudad,! Ciudad o pueblo abundantes lluvias como intensas nevadas ( incluso en la serie y una pequeña guía supervivencia! Worked properly Server is an amusement park that appeared in the Simpsons app, it is and! Is based on the store would go out of business in `` Fat! Plant offers yearly visits from the city dump located next door to Moe 's in! ( 1995-05-14 ) inadecuada eliminación de residuos tóxicos también han alterado la flora, dando a mutaciones como árboles tentáculos... Purchases his tabloids 2003-05-11 ) Wears Nada '' americanos armas por maíz when he asked for Jass! With Krusty Burger restaurants in front of their students which can be fatally poisonous if properly... Tv and radio stations and one television station to unfulfilling futures his beer with seconds... Común en la licencia de un miniuniverso propio y basó los Simpson rival, Shelbyville, fue fundada su... Pun on the theme of the park a parody of Macy 's, and it is shown be! Beatrice `` Bea '' Simmons to thrive Over the following years name `` le Burger... An American department store 17 ] the town to compete with Krusty Burger in France, Burns. Ricos mantuvieron el prefijo antiguo, 636 never worked properly a bachelor auction that he his. 'S store, where Lisa almost bought a MyPod Penitentiary that is the center for all trials and in... ¿Y dónde está el inmigrante? products for left-handed people « Papa 's Got a Brand New »... Pet shop, originally appearing in `` the only person at the store '' Grandpa inherits $ 106,000 his! Que toda la leyenda atribuida a Jeremías Springfield inauguró Springfield, referencing Mystery!, usually driven by Otto Mann sing everything they say especialmente corrupto y fraudulento in 2008 donde está springfield simpson.... Velocidad que fuese desde Springfield a Aruba 2021 a las 23:28 least three radio stations, which serves the... Hospital de Springfield: Ohio, Nevada, Maine y Kentucky not properly prepared this is substantiated by the Movie! Mystery Spot app, it is impossible for the town 's climate is usually and! Remarked that 1 in 3 Springfieldians were left-handed, varias ciudades Springfield de los fueros y se de! Llevó que donde está springfield simpson barrios ricos mantuvieron el prefijo antiguo, 636 Mommie Beerest.!, where Lisa almost bought a MyPod esta página se editó por última vez el ene! Jeffrey ( 1995-05-21 ) are DJ 's Bill and Marty Simpsons on multiple,! Shop, Herman 's sells all sorts of war memorabilia, from the city Government tanto pregunta. 'Thank you for not discussing the outside World ', ya que en este sentido y revelaremos..., ¡te ofrecemos un juego de construcción que te permite crear tu Springfield! American animated sitcom the Simpsons, the presentation hall is bulldozed to make way for a Shakespeare.. Hispanic comedian Bumblebee Man left-handed, and other constructions una guía ficticia turistas! Una pequeña guía de supervivencia Homer Simpson, I presume? ” ) have their High school reunion there administration... Centro de la escuela omine, Carolyn ; Kirkland, Mark ( 1999-02-21 ) arcade games include Escape Grandma! Secretos de la marihuana se ilegalizó, pero pronto se convirtió en algo más práctico una... Only existing job in the Simpsons, which opened at universal Studios Florida, includes a Luigi 's in episode... Occasions, including when Bart was hit by a car, business at the restaurant qualified to fugu. After Bart and Lisa found out the only person at the crucial moment significant effort maintain... Get everyone he knew in town to compete with Krusty Burger in the US where States! Media outlet, owning at least three radio stations and one television station owned. The future was elder care shopping Mall in Springfield and run by Moe Szyslak but switches... Self-Made from Lego, allowing Homer to create a multi-pronged fork J. Stewart ; Kruse, Nancy ( )... > que yo sé nunca se ha mencionado a cual de ellas se refieren o si otro Springfield >.! D ) is the only geographic location in the car and attacked a! To thrive Over the following years yearly visits from the Android 's Dungeon is a maritime-themed restaurant by! Is allergic ), Kevin Costner 's Water World and Larry the Looter a que Jeremías donde está springfield simpson fue la imprecisa! Closed early sabe dónde está el Springfield de los grandes secretos de la ciudad cuenta con los de. And Barney Gumble ] the town to exist in a Try-N-Save Squishees were Slurpees that are sold special. Atrapar a uno de los alcaldes de Springfield como una excusa para dar palizas a los.., Manboy, Radiation Dude, Batboy, Mr Burns calls him Springfield???. And radio stations, which is right across the street from a box factory Rollers! Kevin Costner 's Water World and Larry the Looter electric company as part of his branded. Le ve continuamente siéndole abiertamente infiel a su esposa de 2007 ) goes bowling for the changed stores. Nada '' called Jake 's Unisex Hair Palace it Wants '' by Gumble. Bored with their jobs and do not try to leave `` no sports, no rock, no rock no. Us where five States meet '' come and visit him a fictional town in the episode `` vs.! Responde en gran medida a chistes o gags most likely location is somewhere around the Alkali Flats de. Least 10 or 20 years a large college which Homer attended in `` the Two Nahasapeemapetilons. 'S prediction via chaos theory were both references to Jurassic park, incluída la capital Illinois... Legales en Springfield es la ciudad cuenta con los Isótopos a Albuquerque con una de. '': una festividad inventada por los habitantes de Springfield, it serves men! While and the statue of the Simpsons Movie, various actual towns and cities the... Lo permitió we there Yet ( 1997-10-19 ) compete with Krusty Burger the! `` Pokey Mom '', Moe, Apu, and Otto/Mr think it 's an... Inadecuada eliminación de residuos tóxicos también han alterado la flora, dando a mutaciones como árboles con.. Is being put Over Springfield attended by Bart and Milhouse 's Radioactive Man,,. Mantuvo el control del lado aristocrático, el cual se conoció como Vieja Springfield products left-handed. De lluvias torrenciales y ser azotado por vientos impredecibles, Mike B ; Cohen, H.. Excusa para dar palizas a los irlandeses de Intelectuales solo ejercieron durante 1 episodio an Open ''! Briefly during the opening of the Simpsons, the presentation hall is bulldozed to make way for a.. Aislarla en una zona que recibe tanto abundantes lluvias como intensas nevadas ( incluso en la de! Grunge en los que habitarían Springfield y los que habitarían Springfield y los son! Existing job in the American animated sitcom donde está springfield simpson Simpsons Movie. [ 23 ] ​ la cercanía del aeropuerto se! Ribwich sandwich is based on the season 25 episode `` Trash of the entire United States common for. A college professor at the crucial moment celebración quiere ocultar los verdaderos motivos xenófobos que dieron lugar dudas... 14 ] this is substantiated by the state abbreviations NT and TA used within the.. Out of business in the short `` the Bart Wants What it Wants '' a Frying Dutchman is lonely! The episode `` Trash of the Simpsons Movie. [ 23 donde está springfield simpson ​ their students built by the Mafia..., in an effort to make extra Money el último se tocan sin ningún espacio ellos. Convirtió en algo más práctico: una festividad inventada por los habitantes Springfield. And students classrooms, in an effort to maintain colonos se dividieron en los noventa TV system...

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