Contact us if you need product, technical or application advice or want to collaborate with a 3M technical specialist, or give us a call at 1-800-831-0658. When applied to a surface they cool, harden and reach their bond strength within seconds. 3M™ Hot Melt Adhesives are 100% solids thermoplastic resins that liquefy when heated. 3M takes your privacy seriously. The market is witnessing a high growth due to the growing use of hot melt adhesive tapes in diverse applications. Read More IndiaMART Trust Seal Verified Hot melt adhesives bond in seconds, while standard glues can take minutes to form a bond of a similar strength. From detailed work to high-capacity production our applicators are easy to use and help you improve productivity, lower costs and minimize waste. Thank you for your interest! They’re also ideal for attaching samples like wood flooring, laminates, foams, fabrics and other materials. An error has occurred while submitting. Hot melt adhesive is a thermoplastic adhesive, also known as hot glue. Grainger's got your back. Not all packaging tapes are the same, especially when it comes to construction. Looking for GRAINGER APPROVED Carton Sealing Tape, Clear, Hot Melt Resin Tape Adhesive, Tape Application Hand (49XZ58)? We reserve the right to disqualify without notification any sample request that does not appear to be for industrial manufacturing purposes. Due to their quick work life you can move assemblies immediately upon application, eliminating the need for clamps, fixturing or additional drying time. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t specific situations in which tape might be more appropriate. Hot Melt Adhesive Tapes. After we sat down and calculated the cost difference between tape and hot melt, we really began to understand how significant the savings can … This tape will stick to almost any surface and will not dry or peel. They're ideal for common assembly types like large surface lamination, sealing, potting and encapsulating. If you do not consent to this use of your personal information, please do not use this system. Learn the benefits and advantages of sprayable hot melt adhesives and see common applications and typical markets, plus a brief look at several accessory options. Price $89.32. The adhesive is easy to install, flows when heated and hardens when cooled. For excellence in high-temperature bonding, 3M™ Hot Melt Adhesives are ideal for woven and nonwoven fabrics, foams and plastics. Industrial Adhesives and Tapes; Non Structural Adhesives; Hot Melt Adhesives; 3M Hot Melt Adhesives. Once cooled, the materials become solid again, ensuring cohesion. Looking for SCOTCH Box Sealing Tape, Tan, Hot Melt Resin Tape Adhesive, Tape Application Hand (15F812)? As a leader in the pressure-sensitive carton sealing tape market, IPG combines years of experience as a prime manufacturer of superior quality tape to the Industrial and Retail channels. Tape King Clear Packing Tape 3 Inch Wide (2.7mil Thick) - 60 Yards Per Refill Roll (Pack of 6 Rolls) - … melt index(g/10min):16±10g/10min; Condition:ASTMD1238-04 Heat Activation Hot Melt Adhesive Tape For Chip Modules Embedded Substrate. Hot melt tapes are widely utilized in industrial manufacturing for daily medical, personal, and household items. You couldn't be blamed for feeling bamboozled by the different backings, tape types (vinyl, polypropylene) and many different adhesives (acrylic, hot melt, solvent), so we've put together this simple, step-by-step guide to help you decide which tape you need. Hot melt adhesive and adhesive tape compared Since both materials are viable solutions for case and carton sealing and end-of-line packaging operations, understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each can assist plant managers in selecting the best solution for their needs. If you are a 3M Distributor, contact your 3M Sales Representative. You will be contacted to verify your request. Easy online ordering for the ones who get it done along with 24/7 customer service, free technical support & more. What are Hot Melt Adhesives? 3M™ Hot Melt Sprayable Adhesives are fast, effective and especially good for bonding in bulk. You will find a lot of methods accessible for attaching different materials, but hot melt tapes provide a much better solution for some products. Read on to see what makes them so different. Let’s take a look at what makes hot melt adhesive tape and acrylic tape so different: First of all, the origin: hot melt adhesive tape is made of thermoplastic polymers; while acrylic tape is made of acrylic resins (that are actually made from acrylic acid). Handling and moving assemblies almost immediately helps keep production flowing quickly. Established as a Proprietor firm in the year 2017 at Ahmedabad (Gujarat, India), we “Bondwell Enterprises” are a leading Wholesale Trader of a wide range of Hot Melt Adhesive, Edge Banding Tape, Saw Blade, etc. Cold environment hot melt packaging tape for lightweight carton sealing in temperatures from 20 F to 75 F. Cold environment, production grade hot melt packaging tape for sealing medium-weight cartons in temperatures from 20 F to 75 F. Medium duty hot melt packaging tape for sealing highly recycled cartons, including 100 percent recycled. All fields are required unless indicated optional. We procure these products from the most trusted and renowned vendors after stringent market analysis. Hot Melt adhesive tapes offer the widest range of application flexibility available. A 3M representative will contact you shortly regarding your inquiry. Improper use could seriously injure an operator. Thank you for your interest in 3M Industrial Adhesives & Tapes products. Hot melt adhesives are far more efficient than standard glues. Specialty tips such as spreaders, T-tips and extension tips can provide added functionality and precise application to help improve throughput. The industrial bonding and welding of hot-melt adhesives in film form, thermoplastic adhesive films have established a strong position in the last 30 years. Hot Melt Carton Sealing Tape Strong adhesion to surfaces Pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive Resistant to breakage & seam splitting Useful for splicing, bundling, & other lightweight packaging applications 3” core diameter - convenient for use with tape dispensers Heavy duty grade hot melt packaging tape for sealing highly recycled cartons, including 100 percent recycled. Hot melt adhesives are more cost-effective than tape. Appearance: Hot melt tape comes in a variety of colors and can yellow with age. At Shurtape, we produce multiple types of hot melt tapes so you can be confident you select the perfect tape … Hot melt adhesive tape VS acrylic tape. Weather proofing adhesive Tapes. 3M™ Hot Melt Accessories provide customizable options to meet your application and assembly needs including bench mounts, foot pedals and other options for easy application plus Quadrack™ converters for greater capacity. 3M™ Hot Melt Adhesives cool, harden and reach their bond strength within seconds to help speed both production and packaging, and they stick to almost any substrate, including foams, corrugated cardboard, fabrics, plastics, particle board and light-gauge metals. Heavy duty grade hot melt packaging tape for sealing heavy, bulky cartons subjected to high stress or extreme handling. The manufacturer must first purchase the tape machine or hot melt system, then consider the operating costs to utilize it. Color:white translucent. They can also be used for rigidizing components on printed circuit boards to add stability during assembly, shipping and end use. Incepted in 2010, we Yashbond Adhesive Co. is a leading Manufacturer of Hot Melt Adhesive, Packaging Adhesives, Sanitary And Hygiene Adhesives and many more. Tunsing Hot Melt Adhesive Film Manufacturer For TPU Polyurethane Thermal Adhesive Tape Description: This product DS8502 is a thermoplastic material, for a variety of materials can be applied to the hot melt adhesive, It can repeatedly heated plastic bonding. The biggest difference is adhesive type. Sprayable hot melts are available for large surface assembly. All of our hot melt adhesives are formulated to provide desired adhesion, fast set speed, open time/bonding range, and heat and/or cold resistance properties. Filter . Please complete the form below to receive your tape or adhesives sample or enter your question or comment below. Hot-Melt Adhesive Tape for Joining Heatshrink & Sleeving Techflex hot-melt adhesive tape works great in conjunction with our sleeving and heatshrink products. [149 Pages Report] The hot melt adhesive tapes market size is projected to grow from USD 15.5 billion in 2019 to USD 21.7 billion by 2024, at a CAGR of 7.0%, during the forecast period. Hot Fusion Tape is very flexible and can be field cut to fit your application. 3M™ Hot Melt Applicators are designed to be easy to use while providing customizable options for your bonding requirements. There are total 7paid members of hot melt adhesive tapeon ExportHub. Grainger's got your back. Due to their quick work life you can move assemblies immediately upon application, eliminating the need for clamps, fixturing or additional drying time and energy. Hot melt tapes exhibit a significantly higher adhesion in comparison to an acrylic tape. 3M and its authorized third parties will use the information you provided in accordance with our Privacy Policy to send you communications which may include promotions, product information and service offers. It is similar to acrylic, however this tape comes with a higher adhesive and superior holding strength. Easy online ordering for the ones who get it done along with 24/7 customer service, free technical support & more. And in addition to being as strong as mechanical fasteners or sealing tapes, hot melts are virtually invisible to improve the overall aesthetic of the finished item. We will respond to your email request in 24 - 48 business hours. Hot Melt Tape: Hot Melt HT Adhesive Tape. Commonly known as glue sticks, these adhesives cure physically instead of chemically and may require temperatures from 120 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit for application. Hot Melt Versus Tape Packaging Contest It was time for a little internal test of tape vs hot melt and we decided to capture it on video for all of our loyal readers. 3M™ Hot Melt Adhesives bond to numerous materials, including metal and plastic, for quick and easy assembly. At 3M, we discover and innovate in nearly every industry to help solve problems around the world. Watch a demonstration of how easy it is to apply 3M™ Sprayable Hot Melt Adhesive 6111 and learn some of the benefits it provides, such as immediate strength and application to one or both surfaces. For an instant and lasting bond, consider using a hot melt packaging tape. 3M™ Hot Melt Adhesives make it easy to quickly and securely bond foam spacers in three-dimensional corrugated cardboard POP displays. Production grade hot melt packaging tape for medium-weight carton sealing. The top varieties of hot melt adhesive tapeproducts include double sided adhesive tape, heat resistant tape, hot melt tape, hot melt adhesive film. HFA has good adhesion to polyolefin, PET, PVC, Copper, and Nylon. Due to their quick work life you can move assemblies immediately upon application, eliminating the need for clamps, fixturing or additional drying time and energy. The two most common are acrylic and hot melt. Trying to decide which packaging tape is the right one for you can be a trying exercise. Hot melt adhesives are solid materials that melt at relatively low temperature (above 80°C /180°F) during the application or molding process. When Tape Is the Right Adhesive. Hot-melt thermoplastic pre-coat adhesive is designed for use with our Raychem heavy-duty boots and cable entry seals. Applications include furniture cushions, foam inserts, modular office panels, gym floor pads and more. HP 200® is engineered with an aggressive, high-tack adhesive and Hold Strong® technology, for superior performance that keeps carton seals intact. 3M™ Hot Melt Adhesives Systems are easy to load and make it easy to dispense a variety of strong adhesives precisely and evenly to help improve productivity and minimize waste. The brands listed above are trademarks of 3M. While hot melt adhesives and traditional glues take a similar amount of time for application, the true time saver lies in the bonding time required for secure adhesion. Heat activated tape is usually tack-free until it is activated by a heat source, and is not considered to be a pressure sensitive tape. Bond and seal any size configuration of corrugated carton quickly and invisibly, especially coated, printed and waxed surfaces that may be difficult for tape to seal. They're ideal for common assembly types like small joints, large surface lamination, mounting and trim attachments. Quantities available while supplies last. Whether you’re doing detail work or high-volume manual production, 3M™ Hot Melt Adhesive Systems provide the combination of adhesives, applicators and accessories you need to give your application a fast, convenient, long-lasting bond. Made for use in 3M handheld applicators, our 3M™ Hot Melt Adhesives often exceed 100 psi shear strength for a robust hold you can count on. Hot Melt Packing Tape (Carton Sealing Tape) IPG offers a full line of Pressure-Sensitive Carton Sealing Tape (Packing Tape) with all three adhesive technologies. Need help finding the right product for your project? It is suitable for bonding to various cable jacket … Hot Melt Adhesive is applied as a Hot Bead, Dot or Molten Film and forms into a solid material when the hot melt cools down below its softening point. Acrylic tape is less likely to oxidize and doesn’t yellow with age even if its under direct sunlight. Substrate 1 Foam (8) Paper & … melting point(°C):100°C -120°C. It is available in different widths (from 12mm up to 600mm) and in different lengths (up to 1500m). TE's Raychem hot-melt tape seals molded parts and helps prevents debris and water from entering the backshell or connector. 10 Results . They possess superior holding power (referred to as shear value) and tensile strength, with quick tack. They offer excellent performance whether applied by hand or by Carton Sealers.Their superior adhesion properties, holding force, and tensile strength ensure consistent, reliable seals. Price $11.44. Please be aware that this information may be stored on a server located in the U.S. 3M™ Hot Melt Adhesives are 100% solids thermoplastic resins that liquefy when heated. Disclaimer: The 3M Industrial Sample Request Program is not available to consumers or the general public. 3M™ Hot Melt Adhesives deliver superior wood-to-wood bonding for woodworking projects as well as fabric-to-wood and wood-to-plastic for furniture making. Only one sample per qualified customer. 3M™ Hot Melt Adhesives easily attach inserts, including heat-sensitive foam. BestPack’s line of pressure-sensitive hot melt tape is consistent with the high quality and durability of our flagship BestPack Rohm & Haas acrylic adhesive line of tape.. As previously mentioned, hot melt tape has an extremely strong adhesion strength, creates an instant and permanent bond to a wide variety of substrates and surfaces and performs reliably to the core for efficient tape consumption. Improve productivity and aesthetics while lowering costs and minimizing waste with the 3M™ Hot Melt Adhesive System, an environmentally friendly and virtually odorless bonding solution. Hot melt must be heated to temps of several hundred degrees or more in order to be applied properly. Out of these, 2are Standard members, 4are Gold members and 1are VIP members. This is because of their weight reduction, labor savings, versatility, and flexibility. 3M™ Sprayable Hot Melt Adhesive 6111 Product Demo (0:52), Sprayable Hot Melt Adhesive Equipment & Application Introduction (2:47). Samples are available to U.S. industrial customers only. Hot melt adhesive (HMA), also known as hot glue, is a form of thermoplastic adhesive that is commonly sold as solid cylindrical sticks of various diameters designed to be applied using a hot glue gun. Hotmelt tape is great for shipping and storing packages. Hot melt adhesives are solvent-free, thermoplastic polymers used for quick bonding and gap filling. Production grade hot melt packaging tape for manual or automated industrial sealing of medium-weight cartons in everyday manufacturing and shipping environments. With both tape and hot melt sealant systems, there are initial setup costs to consider. The contest was to calculate the cost and speed of closing three 14" cardboard boxes. When applied to a surface they cool, harden and reach their bond strength within seconds. Adhesive Transfer Tapes and Double Coated Tapes, SDS, RDS, More Regulatory & Compliance Information, Lithium Battery UN 38.3 Test Summary Search, Transparency in Supply Chains and Modern Slavery Disclosures. Filter Results By . The BOPP film hot melt adhesive tape is available in 25μm, 28μm, 32μm and, in its heavy duty version, particularly recommended to close heavy cartons, also in 40μm and 50μm. For boxes that will be kept in storage for long periods of time, acrylic tape can maintain its seal … Best Use: Hot melt tape is ideal for shipping boxes due to its superior holding box and will ensure that the box stays sealed. Hotmelt tape works great in a wide range of temperature, letting you be confident your package will stay safely secured. Simply spray a controlled pattern of 100% solids adhesive right where you want it on one or both surfaces and bond the substrates immediately. China Hot Melt Adhesive Tape manufacturers - Select 2020 high quality Hot Melt Adhesive Tape products in best price from certified Chinese Adhesive Tape manufacturers, Adhesive Sealing Tape suppliers, wholesalers and factory on General purpose grade hot melt packaging tape for sealing lightweight cartons.

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