This is exactly how my family has done it for years. Copyright © In young deer, haunch steaks a wonderfully tender, where older deer, they can become dry very quickly when cooked. The only time I do is when it was a big, older buck. I love my cast iron skillet to fry meat in. It will help your deer meat be more tender. Meanwhile, add next 10 ingredients (onion through red chili powder) to blender and blend well. Ensure a tender piece of deer meat is served to your family and guests by following a few basic steps in its preparation. The process is simple and only requires time and patience. Chops cook just like steaks as they are simply loin steaks with some bone attached. Of course my entire family and I loved it but changing it to buttermilk is a game changer. The acidity in the ingredients will break down the muscle fibers in the meat to make it easier to chew. Absolutely amazing!!!! They are super tender and the flavor is amazing!!!! and Add the meat into the saucepan, searing each side to a nice brown shade. Turn your vent hood fan on because bacon grease will smoke. Next, you’ll need an oven-safe pot like a Dutch oven. Braise the venison until it's falling-apart tender and cooked to 160 F, as measured in the center of the meat with an instant-read thermometer. 2021 Instead of taking 10 minutes to brown, you end up blasting your meat with high heat for 20 minutes in order to first drive off that extra moisture. Set your Dutch oven on the stove over medium-high heat. Coat the bottom with cooking oil. It is actually cheaper than raising meat yourself because you don’t have to feed what you hunt for. Every time I cook it I’m taken back to the good ‘ol days. Or if you are feeding someone squeamish about rare meat, you don’t have to feel quite so bad about overcooking it on purpose. Your email address will not be published. He keeps us in deer meat and makes sure we have plenty to last through the year. Tender venison steaks, the kind you can cut with a fork, are easy to prepare. Tenderize the meat with a meat tenderizer tool. Cook deer roasts with low heat for longer time periods. Unlike beef or pork, venison has little to no fat content, and because of this, it must be prepared differently in order to keep it tender. Overcooking deer leads to dry, tough meat. Either way, let the meat refrigerate overnight, or for several hours before baking. The edges will be browning when it’s ready to turn. Start by preheating your oven to 325 degrees. Pound the steaks with a meat mallet and then marinade them in a mixture that contains acidic ingredients. Let the deer meat rest 10 to 15 minutes before serving. Toughness in venison (or any meat for that matter) is determined by a number of things, the length of the muscle, the age of the animal, nutrition, time of the rut, etc. It was really good eatin’. You don’t want to pound it into oblivion and turn the meat into mush, but a light pounding … Braisinginvolves searing and slow-cooking the meat in liquid. Push the blades downward into the deer meat about 10 to 15 times per side. All you need to do is add a bit of fat and a few flavors to make this underrated meat shine on burger night. The mild vegetable acid tenderizes the meat while the other ingredients add moisture and flavor. Braising takes hours not minutes, leaving you plenty of time to set the table and clean up the kitchen. How to Tenderize Venison How to Tenderize Venison – Overview. Mix in dried chili powder, paprika, and brown sugar. The water will not only …

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