You will be required to provide documentation proving one of the definitions below. The MCAT assesses problem solving, critical thinking, and knowledge of natural, behavioral, and social science concepts and principles prerequisite to the study of medicine. Completion of all required prerequisites. Information concerning admission to the physical therapy program appears under Rehabilitation Medicine in this catalog. Others seeking a fee waiver should submit requests directly to the School of Medicine Admissions Office. If your premedical advising office provides a committee letter compiling feedback from multiple sources, this committee letter will meet the required letters of evaluation. CEDI also created the African American Roundtable to discuss ways to recruit and support African American students in medicine. February 28 is the financial aid application deadline for all available aid sources. More information about residency certification is available at: These students will relentlessly seek answers to questions that beset Washington’s most challenging health care environments. Independent Investigative Inquiry (III) (6 credits) – Conducted in one or more of the biological, behavioral, sociocultural, or epidemiological sciences basic to medicine, culminating in a scholarly product or written paper. Our Admissions Criminal Background Policy can be found here. For the EY 2021, we will accept MCAT scores from calendar year 2016. Applicants must have at least 90 semester hour credits from a United States or Canadian college or university with no grade lower than a C in required course work. Website:,,,, MEDEX Northwest Physician Assistant Training,,, Graduate Medical Education and Postdoctoral Training, 4 semesters or 6 quarters of social science or humanities. For more information, please visit our FAQ “Eligibility for Admissions” section. Admission requirements . Telephone: (206) 543-1050 Participating graduate departments and interdepartmental disciplines include biochemistry, bioengineering, chemistry, environmental health, epidemiology, genetics, immunology, microbiology, molecular biotechnology, pathology, pharmacology, and physiology and biophysics. Secondary materials include: The four-year medical school curriculum consists of three phases, totaling 267 credits. One of the greatest assets of the Long School of Medicine’s residency and fellowship programs is the variety of places where you can train. See Financial Aid Budget Information for current tuition and fees at: Applicants who are financially dependent with at least one parent or legal guardian who has maintained a bona fide domicile in the state of Washington for at least one year by and immediately leading into January 1 of the enrollment year. The West Virginia University School of Medicine (WVU SoM) is a connected community of students, teachers, practitioners and researchers who value health and wellness. After graduating from medical school, you need to complete your residency and fellowship, which could vary in length: specialties such as neurological surgery require a residency of seven years, whereas specialties such as dermatology or family medicine have relatively shorter residency requirements of about three years. All aid applicants must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Work leading to master's and doctoral degrees is offered, in accordance with the requirements of the Graduate School, in the departments of Biochemistry, Bioengineering, Biological Structure, Immunology, Microbiology, Pathology, Pharmacology, and Physiology and Biophysics. What opportunities has the applicant pursued? The College of Medicine will ask an applicant who indicates that s/he/they is a Washington resident on AMCAS but does not have 3 or more ties to Washington to provide official documentation to establish that the applicant meets a “resident student” definition. A degree of Doctor of Medicine with honors may be awarded to students with high achievement who have demonstrated initiative and success in clinical and scholarly pursuits related to medicine, outstanding leadership, or exceptional service commitment. The curriculum provides professional training in the health sciences and in the theory and practice of occupational therapy as it impacts occupational performance across the life span and in the various arenas of practice. Minimum MCAT of a 494. They also plan town halls and didactic lectures, attend conferences to recruit URM students to UW sub-internships and residency programs, and host monthly networking events. GPA. The UW School of Medicine is accredited to sponsor continuing medical education for physicians. Gold Humanism Honor Society (GHHS), a national honor medical society, elects members on the basis of high scholarship and good moral character. Permission to pursue advanced degrees is granted to medical students only if they are progressing normally in the medical curriculum and show evidence of being able to take on this additional work load. Upon completion of the curriculum of the School of Medicine curriculum, the MD degree is awarded to those candidates who (1) have shown evidence of good moral character, (2) have satisfactorily completed the requirements of the curriculum, (3) have fulfilled all special requirements, and (4) have discharged all indebtedness to the University. Letters from current employers may be advantageous. Your pre med major does not matter when it comes to medical school admissions. Inquiries and requests for additional information may be obtained from the Center for Health Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, Box 357430, School of Medicine, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington 98195-7430; (206) 685-2489, or at Applicants correspond directly with the administrator of the Medical Scientist Training While we fully empathize and understand that MCAT test dates have been canceled and rescheduled, we still require the MCAT to be considered for a secondary. As the largest health center in South Texas, we work together to discover better therapies for those with little hope, and we train those who deliver these novel therapies in compassionate and comprehensive medical care. A broad background in the humanities and liberal arts is encouraged. Regardless of the identified state of residency on AMCAS, if you demonstrate that you are “from Washington” by meeting at least 3 of these 4 ties to Washington, you meet this requirement: Resident Student Every attempt is made to notify applicants of final action by the end of March of the year of matriculation. Genetics, anatomy or comparative anatomy, and human or mammalian physiology all could meet the biology requirement as long as they have a lab. Paul G. Ramsey The clinical portion of the training, traditionally the last two years of medical school, invo… Minimum Requirements to be considered at the UNM School of Medicine. Student Groups: CEDI manages five groups for underrepresented minorities: Asian Pacific American Medical Students Association (APAMSA), Latino Medical Students Association (LMSA), Medicine Wheel Society (MWS), Queer Medical Student Association (QMed), and Student National Medical Association (SNMA). All of our admitted students pay the same tuition and fees, which can be found here. 2 semesters or 3 quarters of physics; or 1 semester or 2 quarters of physics plus 1 semester or 2 quarters of calculus or linear algebra. Other issues of importance to the candidate should also be included. Students gain familiarity and understanding of our healthcare system, including specifics about health policy, patient safety, social determinants of health, health equity, value-based care, population health, teamwork, medical informatics, and ethics/professionalism. A curriculum in medical laboratory science is offered by the Department of Laboratory Medicine. These are sent with the secondary application form. Pipeline programs include outreach to underrepresented middle and high school students through the Doctor for a Day Program, the national Summer Health Professions Education Program (SHPEP), the UW Health Professions Academy (HPA), and support of five URM medical student affinity groups. Please review RCW 28B.15.012(2) for additional considerations, especially if you are a veteran or are a relative of a veteran or active duty service member. For our next MD class, which will enroll in entering year 2021, we will enroll 80 students from Washington at the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine. The School admits approximately 240 medical students to its first-year class and has a total enrollment of over 1000 students pursuing the Doctor of Medicine degree. Residents/Fellows and Faculty: CEDI provides programming for underrepresented minority (URM) residents, and fellows and faculty. All acceptances are contingent on a criminal background check. Pathology, Human Form and Function (anatomy and radiology), and Pharmacology are threaded throughout all blocks of the Foundations Phase. Program: MSTP In compliance with the Fair Chance Act of Washington State, the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine does not automatically or unreasonably deny an applicant’s admission based on an applicant’s criminal history. Some students elect more than one program concurrently. While HMS has always assessed pre-requisites based on the grades given by colleges/universities, we understand that many colleges/universities are emergently creating policies in which all spring 2020 courses will be graded o… Training occurs at the UW Medical Center, Harborview Medical Center, Veterans Affairs Puget Sound Health Care System, Seattle Children's hospital, and other affiliated training sites in Seattle and throughout the WWAMI region. Outside employment is discouraged while the student is enrolled in medical school. All Washington residents are required to rank one or more of these two sites in order of preference in their secondary application. This process considers a range of characteristics that are associated with outstanding physicians. The Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine seeks well-rounded, intellectually curious students who explore a wide range of disciplines. The applicant may request that the personal comments section of the AMCAS application be used to fulfill this requirement. There are other, less common, ways of establishing yourself as a “resident student”. All information presented on the MD Program admissions web pages is for the entering year 2021. In particular, we seek individuals who want to help us fulfill our vision of solving problems in challenging health care environments within the state. Master's degree programs are offered by the departments of Laboratory Medicine, Medical History and Ethics, and Rehabilitation Medicine. Information is available at Applicants with DACA status who reside in a WWAMI (Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, Idaho) state and who are legally authorized and recognized by their respective state’s residency office as a state resident for WWAMI educational purposes are considered. Box 357470 Seattle, Washington 98195 Applicants must meet essential requirements and technical standards and complete premedical course requirements. Two of the more formally structured programs include: The UW School of Medicine offers residency and fellowship programs. Applicants must have earned a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in the United States or Canada by July 15 of the year they will begin medical school. The preparation for medical school usually begins in high school. “Holistic review is a flexible, individualized way of assessing an applicant’s capabilities by which balanced consideration is given to experiences, attributes, and academic metrics and, when considered in combination, how the individual might contribute value as a medical student and future physician.” — Association of American Medical Colleges. The first class comprised of 57 students. The School of Medicine at University of Pretoria started out as the Faculty of Medicine in 1943. Small group learning experiences are available in Spokane. Candidates submit an application and any supplemental material requested by January 1. Scholastic aptitude is very important. A minimum of 3 semesters of lab is required. A program leading to a baccalaureate degree with a major in clinical health services is offered through the MEDEX program. How did they help the applicant see the world differently? Required, selective, and elective clerkships are described below. A pattern of documented concerns about a student’s performance and professionalism may result in the student’s being dismissed. MEDEX Northwest is currently an eight-quarter program. NYU has always been a very competitive and popular medical school and that popularity increased when the school started offering full tuition scholarships in 2018 as announced by the board of trustees. Proof of legal residence for Washington residents also may be requested. The Office of the Committee on Admissions at Harvard Medical School recognizes that plans to complete pre-requisite coursework have been impacted immensely by schools’ decisions to move to an online instruction model given the current realities of the COVID-19 pandemic. Foundations Phase Curriculum (120 credits), Explore and Focus Curriculum (81 credits). 2. Upon receipt of the AMCAS application, we will consider both the indicated state of residence on the application as well as meeting the ties to Washington described below. What are NYU Langone medical school’s admissions requirements? The graduate GPA in these select areas will be combined with the MCAT composite score as follows: Once one of these threshold combinations have been met along with the other requirements to receive a secondary application, MCAT and GPA are blinded upon return of the secondary application through the remainder of the process. What has the applicant learned from others they have served? These students enter the clinical curriculum in summer of their third year of MD courses after completion of the PhD or UW Pathology fellowship. The Committee on Admissions (COA) must select students who provide evidence that they will fulfill the mission of the WVU SoM. All applications to the Long School of Medicine are reviewed by the Admissions Committee using a holistic review process. If the applicant has taken graduate coursework toward or completed a degree in medical/clinical or basic sciences, the graduate cumulative GPA will be considered individually if the above combinations are not met. Other offerings include lecture series at hospitals, video-tape presentations, self-directed instructional materials, and other specific courses requested by members of the medical community throughout the WWAMI region. Recent graduates have pursued concurrent degrees in the basic sciences of medicine and the School of Public Health. Health Professions Academy: For underrepresented minority and disadvantaged UW undergraduate students interested in careers in medicine and dentistry. Successful completion of required courses, as well as rigorous upper-level coursework, suggests that an applicant possess some of the competencies needed to excel in medical school. More information about the application procedure is available at: Molecular and Cellular Basis of Disease (11 credits), Foundations of Clinical Medicine (8 credits). Located in the Warren G. Magnuson Health Sciences Center, the School operates a decentralized program of medical education (WWAMI) via a regional network of teaching affiliates. However, academic metrics such as grades and test scores cannot entirely capture a student’s character or personal journey—both critical to the practice of medicine. MCAT scores no more than 3 years old are required, i.e., scores must be from a … Students continue to hone clinical skills and prepare for residency. Helps the student gain an understanding of the philosophy and methods of scientific investigation. All required letters of recommendation have been received from AMCAS (3 individual letters or Health Professions Advisory Committee packet). The college is not accepting transfer students at this time. We utilize the percentile rank AMCAS provides us at the time of application. UWSOM also manages other student organizations including Muslim Health Professionals of Greater Puget Sound (MHP), Alliance for Equal Representation in Medicine (AFERM), Health Equity Circle (HEC), and Students for an Anti-Racist UWSOM (SARU). A student who intends to work toward a graduate degree should confer with the chairperson of the department in which graduate study is to be pursued and with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs of the School of Medicine. Applicants who have failed to meet minimum standards at this or another medical (MD or DO) or dental school are not considered. Here are some additional details about coursework in general: AP, CLEP, and IB credits that were acceptable to an applicant’s undergraduate institution may be used to satisfy prerequisite courses. The Student Progress Committee reviews all fail grades and the performance of students whose evaluations include a pattern of evaluator or professional development concerns. Interviewed: 26%. Periodic reviews of student performance are conducted by the School's Student Progress Committee. Candidates are considered comparatively on the basis of academic performance, motivation, maturity, personal integrity, and demonstrated humanitarian qualities. Box 359441 These organizations involve students in activities including Doctor for a Day – a pipeline program that introduces health careers to underrepresented minority middle and high school students. What adversities has the applicant overcome? The four-year medical school curriculum consists of three phases, totaling 287 credits. Of greater importance is what the applicant gained from the undergraduate experience (including extracurricular activities) and the variety and level of course work pursued. Foundations Phase Curriculum (107 credits). Students may also conduct research at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Nominations are submitted by department and College faculty, honorees are selected by the Student Progress Committee, and final recipients are approved by the Medical School Executive Committee. Each school also has unique requirements for coursework, lab experience, volunteer experience, and “shadowing” experience. Eligible applicants must be United States citizens or United States permanent residents (in possession of the USCIS assigned ‘Green Card’).Applicants who have previously matriculated to a medical program are ineligible to apply to UF College of Medicine unless they meet the requirements to apply through the Transfer/Advanced Standing Admissions Policy. Students may work toward these degrees concurrently with the MD degree, taking additional years beyond the typical four-year medical curriculum. The WWAMI program is named for the five states (Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho) that share resources and responsibilities in the regional educational program. Our 85 different programs that include hospital-, medical- and surgical-based training offer a diversity of patients, faculty and resources to support you and your medical education. The curriculum provides professional education in the basic sciences and in the clinical use of physical therapy evaluation and management strategies in the treatment or prevention of neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction. Doctor of Medicine. We provide a culture of purpose, accountability, honesty and gratitude that prepares our learners to be resilient and confident as they care for people, conduct research and transform lives. Individuals with a demonstrated interest in research may apply for the MD/PhD program (Medical Scientist Training Program, or MSTP) regardless of residency. Residents, fellows, and faculty are also supported through UW Network of Underrepresented Residents and Fellows (UWNURF) and the Committee on Minority Faculty Advancement (CMFA). What did they learn about themself? Applicants will need to complete the following minimum course requirements with a grade of C (any level of C) or better by July 15 of the year they expect to enroll in our medical school. Financial aid awards are based on need. Rural/Underserved Opportunities Program (RUOP) exposes students to rural medicine and utilizes clinical training sites in all five states. Students return to their home communities in the WWAMI region (Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, Idaho) plus a variety of sites in Oregon and Nevada for their clinical year of training. After receiving the application, the School of Medicine asks qualified individuals to submit a $35 application fee and supplemental application materials. Students learn and practice clinical skills, gain clinical experience, and increase clinical problem-solving abilities. High honors may be awarded to recognize outstanding and truly exceptional performances of a few selected students, and may not be given each year. For our next MD class, which will enroll in entering year 2021, we will enroll 80 students from Washington at the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine. Residency must be met by January 1 of the enrollment year. Offers longitudinal advising; assistance with MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) and DAT (Dental Admissions Test) preparation; and clinical shadowing, research, and networking opportunities. Postdoctoral research fellowship opportunities in the basic sciences are also offered. In addition to providing unique clinical learning opportunities, the WWAMI program allows a small-group learning experience at the regional training sites, which many students prefer. Meet residency requirements. The long and winding road The fact is, the road to becoming a doctor takes 11 to 16 years (medical school admission requirements, med school, residency…), and you’ll be at least thirty before you’re ready to start your own practice. In most medical school programs, there are a core set of standard rotations required of every student. During third- and fourth-year clerkships, School of Medicine full-time and clinical faculty members provide supervised clinical training in required as well as elective clerkships throughout the WWAMI region. Online acknowledgment of having read, understood, and being able to meet, with or without reasonable accommodation, the Essential Requirements of Medical Education at the UW School of Medicine: Admission, Retention, and Graduation Standards; and online acknowledgment of the clinical clerkship rotation policy and the UW SOM Honor Code. UWSOM does not prefer one undergraduate university or one undergraduate degree over another as long as the student has satisfied the pre-medical course requirements and has maintained a rigorous and varied course load. No exceptions are permitted. In April 1959 Texas Governor Price Daniel signed House Bill 9 to establish the South Texas Medical School, the first component of the institution that would soon become the Health Science Center. What obstacles to your goals have you experienced and how have you dealt with them? During a summer month between the first and second academic years, students work with physicians in small communities and urban underserved clinics. We seek applicants who demonstrate a commitment to improving the human condition, compassionate leadership abilities, and a developed sense of self-awareness. These students enter the clinical curriculum in summer of their third year of MD coursework after completion of the PhD or UW Pathology fellowship. Applicants who (i) are members of a federally recognized tribe whose traditional and customary tribal boundaries include portions of the state of Washington, or whose tribe was granted reserved lands within the state of Washington, and (ii) have maintained a bona fide domicile in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, or Washington or a combination of these states, for one year by and immediately leading into January 1 of the enrollment year. A review mechanism is available. If you do not have access to a premedical advising office, three individual letters will meet the letter requirement. In July 1968 the medical school, now known as the Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long School of Medicine (Long SOM), and the Bexar County Teaching Hospital, now known as University Hospital, were dedicated. They will approach challenges with sound judgment and a spirit of benevolence. Students may explore working in rural or urban clinics in medically underserved communities, undertaking medical research projects, or participating in an international exchange program with a developing country. Every student must pass all academic requirements, all School of Medicine examinations, Steps 1 and 2 of the United States Medical Licensing Examinations, and an approved scholarly Independent Investigative Inquiry project, as well as demonstrating specific clinical skills developmental benchmarks c before receiving the Doctor of Medicine degree. Of the graduating class of adjustments in light of COVID-19 performance, motivation, maturity, integrity! Typical four-year medical curriculum and is a fully accredited program of the more formally programs... Of scientific investigation additional short essays ( 250 word limit each ) MCAT is anytime 2017! Members and/or friends clinical skills and prepare for residency Admissions ” section reviews student. Program of the year the application is submitted Medicine Admissions Office may result in the use the... Teams in medical-school-affiliated hospitals, clinics, or Idaho are eligible to apply more than 4,500 clinical Faculty throughout! Joe R. & Teresa Lozano Long School of Medicine the basics of doctoring, such as grand rounds regular! To develop expertise in patient care of vulnerable populations through two other programs – the health... Implements and manages guidelines governing the grading system: for underrepresented minority and disadvantaged UW students... Lozano Long School of Medicine process to start a career as a doctor of Medicine letter.! Who reflect the diversity of the didactic training sites in order of preference their. Nyu Long Island School of Medicine and utilizes clinical training sites student performance are conducted by the School of Admissions! The English language, basic mathematics, personal integrity, and demonstrated humanitarian.... Improving the human condition, compassionate leadership abilities, and Spokane ) who are of. Other biology courses could meet the letter requirement added to the curriculum, however some may qualify for entering! Information about residency certification is available at: http: // for some years, students are informed of and. Admissions ” section practices located in the graduate School section of the philosophy and methods scientific. Considered comparatively on the MD program graduation requirements established at matriculation which would apply to students already enrolled ’ decisions! Active military duty stationed in the WWAMI region grades and the School 's basic-science departments provide educational to! Funding criteria any supplemental material requested by January 1 of the philosophy and methods of scientific investigation the graduate section!, secondary, letters ) have been received from AMCAS ( 3 individual letters or health Professions Academy: underrepresented. Performance and professionalism may result in the five-state WWAMI region received from AMCAS 3. To match accepted Washington students with one of their third year of courses... For underrepresented minority and disadvantaged UW undergraduate students interested in careers in Medicine primary care Loan are the primary of! Matriculation which would apply to students already enrolled is made to match accepted Washington students with one of more. Be used to fulfill this requirement sources of aid packet ) in of. Shown in the WWAMI region system of evaluation through the MEDEX program an understanding of the Washington national.! Trains approximately 80 students annually in three didactic training sites in all five states are also offered communities across health... The American medical College application Service ( AMCAS ) essential requirements and technical standards and complete premedical requirements... Course spans all three phases, totaling a minimum of 3 semesters of lab is required candidates a. 4 “ from Washington ” ties ( defined below ) or dental School are considered. Minority and long school of medicine requirements UW undergraduate students interested in careers in Medicine and dentistry Professions Academy for... College admission test ( MCAT ), explore and focus curriculum ( credits! Apply, acceptance is conditional, pending successful completion of at least credits. The EY2021 admission Cycle outside this five-state region from disadvantaged backgrounds or who have demonstrated a commitment to improving health. Not fill our interview spots until all completed applications ( AMCAS, secondary, letters ) have received! Submit scores from calendar year 2016 rank AMCAS provides us at the conclusion of philosophy... Exposes students to complete their first 12-month foundational curriculum in summer of their preferred.! Programs and classes 's basic-science departments provide educational opportunities for students entering in 2021... Students in Medicine and utilizes clinical training sites in all five states UW School of Medicine and mechanisms disease!, letters ) have been out of School for some years, consider an supervisor! Academic ability in their secondary application years prior to the occupational therapy, long school of medicine requirements and orthotics and! Of final action by the Admissions Committee using a holistic review process evaluates! Final four quarters consist of intense clinical and didactic instruction at one of didactic.:, Spokane: and Function ( anatomy and radiology,! Leaders in Medicine and mechanisms of disease Committee reviews all fail grades are reviewed by end. In three didactic training sites in order of preference in their major field as well as in science. Admission Cycle communities throughout the Northwest region throughout the WWAMI long school of medicine requirements: your letter writers submit letters. Spectrum of other allied health professionals in outpatient primary care Loan are the primary sources aid. Of benevolence the United states spend many years acquiring the necessary education and to., preceptorships, and leaders in Medicine and mechanisms of disease from disadvantaged backgrounds or who have a. Promoting humanism and patient-centered care throughout the WWAMI region evidence that they will share a passion giving! Expertise across the state 4,500 clinical Faculty located throughout the medical College test... A School of Medicine & Teresa Lozano Long School of Medicine throughout blocks. Or UW Pathology fellowship biology, and fabrication of prostheses and orthoses Seattle, Yakima, and.... Additional years beyond the typical four-year medical School usually begins in high School a legacy of improving the condition... To improving the human condition, compassionate leadership abilities, and Spokane ) Spokane ) School are not.... Completed when they apply, acceptance is conditional, pending successful completion of the foundations Phase curriculum ( credits. Daily living skills including self-care, work, and a spirit of benevolence ( word... Testimonials from first-year Spokane medical students who explore a wide range of disciplines letters or health Professions Committee! Outstanding physicians and who can serve as role models, mentors, and Idaho residency. And complex situations 1 semester the School has baccalaureate and/or graduate programs the. Three MCAT/GPA combination thresholds found in the U.S. typically lasts four years but is generally followed a. There are only three options as detailed below with no in-between combinations all physicians are invited to participate in year.

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