Her personality helps too. She usually wears a dark teal and navy suit secured by a vest. As a Scot myself, I cottoned on immediately that they were going for a Scottish vibe with the Moonshadow (or whatever) elves, but failing horrendously. I mean, I know there's only 5 million of us total in the world, but how difficult can it be to find a Scottish actor to do a Scottish voice? The Dragon Prince, created by Aaron Ehasz (Avatar: The Last Airbender) and Justin Richmond, tells the story of two human princes who forge an unlikely bond with the elven assassin sent to kill them, embarking on an epic quest to bring peace to their warring lands. Rayla's Accent. Understandable. Does it get better? But she certainly isn't simply getting a Scottish accept wrong. When it's on, it's pretty accurate to my ears. Runaan's really bothered me. Concept Artist crossover for "She-Ra and the Princesses of Power" Rayla facing Runaan's metal lotus with a sad expression. Granted, I'm only on episode 3 or 4, so it may fix itself as it goes. They probably just ended up going too far, however. She is fatally shot by Yaevinn during the battle of Παλιά Βίζιμα… If you watch it, clearly half of the lines don't have an accent on words that would specifically emphasize her accent. She also has a strong sense of honor and justice, viewing her mission to return the Dragon egg as a quest of redemption. I don't mind either way, I just hope they make a decision and stick with it. At various points we heard Canadian (when she said "sorry"), American (her first line), American Southern (occasionally in the middle of sentences), and Scottish (most of the time). I'm not a Scot, but I've watched a few shows etc. Crazy Awesome: Captain Villads. Did it seem like they wrote her stuff in an American english dialect and then had her try to do a Scottish accent? I live in Glasgow and this sounds very much like a lot of my friends' accents. Why would just one of them have such a drastically different accent? Afterward, she journeyed with the princes to return the egg, yet behaved distant, which led to a few arguments between them during the journey. Posted by. Rayla is a fictional character in a fictional world and by goodness I suspect there is someone on this planet with an authentic accent who sounds just like her. Despite her training, she is prone to outbursts, and it's not hard for her friends to get her to talk about her emotions. Feb 20, 2019 - If you want to draw some Rayllum, I have an idea: Callum wakes up to find Rayla involuntarily cuddled up to him in her sleep, and contemplates if he … Posts; Ask me anything; Submit a post; Archive; rayllum x Princess Mononoke . Thanks! In my opinion, they shouldn't have used a Scottish accent at all if that is what they were going for, because now it just sounded really weird/forced. Rayla, par for the course for a moonshadow elf, is trained to show no emotion. After the first three episodes I got used to it. accent kinda bothered me, it just seemed odd and out of place with the rest of the cast imo. Press J to jump to the feed. Hey, I was just able to place an order on Amazon for an Evga 3080 FTW3 Ultra at $830. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts This was 5minths ago when watching the first season. Runaan's accent isn't remotely Scottish. Her neighbors however, fearing the Scoia'tael commandos, showed nothing but hatred towards Rayla and her family, who were constantly bullied, discriminated and beaten. I kinda liked that about it, but it was also strange that none of the other elves shared her accent and that hers was so inconsistent. thedragonprince thedragonprincefanart tdpfanart tdpart fanart tdp thedragonprinceart rayla tdprayla thedragonprincerayla rayllum rayllumfanart tdp rayllum my art. It seems that since Brave, they're moving away from the super fake weird Scottish accents and at least trying to get something close to a Weegie (Glasgow) accent. She had her right hand severed under sadistic torture when she was captured by the Scoia'tael trying to help villagers who were later judged to have been traitors. Subscribe for more. 9 months ago. I enjoy the Scottish accent as a whole; I didn't like her switching back and forth. My father is from another region than the rest of the family and he kind of has adopted our dialect, but the moment one of his relatives calls he immediately switches dialects and you know without asking that someone from “over there” is calling. Due to their obligations to the group, her parents had left her in the care of Runaan and Ethari, whom they were close friends with and raised Rayla in their place. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I'm not scottish, but I could clearly tell they were going for scottish accent (even the whereabouts kept being incosistent, as i could KINDA tell sometimes they wnated something more "smooth" like edimburgh and sometimes they went and epically failed at highlands accent). Their main concern was always to have her be understandable despite the accent, since Scottish accents can be... pretty thick, to say the least. I can't believe even journalists criticizing it as a bad fake Scottish accent fail to mention this when discussing Rayla. Discover (and save!) Welsh sounds like Irish, but the inflection rarely ever drops below mid range. One sentence will be super thick, and the next will sound American. Listen to Rayla's voice and note how her voice is almost always going upwards rather than down. It felt weird at first when I heard the fluctuating accents but I got used to it later. Welsh sounds like Irish, but the inflection rarely ever drops below mid range. Granted, I'm only on episode 3 or 4, so it may fix itself as it goes. 5 years ago. It was weird to me at first, but as I kept watching, it bothered me less and less and in a short time, I got used to it. Rayla‘s parents, Tiadrin and Lain, were part of the Dragonguard, an elite force comprised of eight elven warriors chosen to protect the egg containing the Dragon Prince. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Yeah, I didn't really like her accent...it sounded like a Scottish person trying really hard to speak in an understandable way for non-scottish people. It's not scottish, or Irish, it's actually Welsh (from my assumption). One sentence will be super thick, and the next will sound American. As happens with a lot of Bostonians. You see how they have a black person as a king, a dumb aunt, I just see it as their own way of including everyone in their story. Rayla's accent, through my examination, is not what you'd guess. General discussion. I am not a native English speaker so I might have a different view. How to say Rayla in English? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. We're fascinated. I mean, maybe she couldn't hold it, but the parts were she was holding it is close to one of the better Scottish accents I've heard on US or Canadian TV. Or at least keep the attempt at a consistent area of scotland, as scottish accents can be so varied. It's not scottish, or Irish, it's actually Welsh (from my assumption). She knows her own accent. I completely agree with this, her accent kinda derails and drifts in and out but is incredibly authentic when it is actually used consistently. I swear I've never heard someone attempt one that wasn't either an epic fail, or practically offensive. It’s a preorder, and it says they will … It's so bad. Rayla voice. level 1. Le prénom Rayla est classé en 44 799e position des prénoms les plus donnés. u/Takalhii. I can respect why they would want the moonwelves to have a more scottish accent, but agreed; why not get an actual scot to VA? During Runaan's b… Archived. So my problem with Rayla is not that she doesn't fit any particular accent, but that I can tell it is a person just trying hard to talk in Elvish English (Elvglish? Two more seasons have since been released. This thread is archived. Source: Angry Bostonian. 1,123 notes May 27th, 2020. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, https://langara.ca/studio-58/pdf/Grads/2011-spring-grads/BurrowsPaula.pdf. Scotish accent in and of itself isn't much harder to parse than other accents. Broken Base: Rayla's accent. The Dragon Prince, created by Aaron Ehasz (Avatar: The Last Airbender) and Justin Richmond, tells the story of two human princes who forge an unlikely bond with the elven assassin sent to kill them, embarking on an epic quest to bring peace to their warring lands. multi fandom mess :0 | NO REPOSTS | accent by studio Ghibli. I’ve obviously warmed up to it but for a while the fact that she had a (Scottish?..) I didn't notice any of the other elves using a similar accent, which is what made it so bad to me. Saying "sorry" doesn't constitute a Canadian accent. r/france: La France et les Français. Always. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Rayla wears knee-high boots and gloves. Choose one and stick with it. Cookies help us deliver our Services. save. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. ), and not getting quite there.I'm in Season 1. Either way, the decision to use a Scottish accent works in their group dynamic in my opinion. There was a line she said in ep 1 and she sounded exactly like me when I was younger. HD wallpapers and background images Rayla's accent is okay, and I got used to it eventually, but most of the other Moonshadow elves sounded really over the top and grating to me. They're very angry. When she says "fine", it's as if she's putting an a in it, like "faine". Americans, to generalize, tend to chew their words as they speak them. The irony is usually the accent is authentic and people are just want something to complain about. I wouldn't be surprised to find though, that she knows somebody Scottish. On estime qu'il y a au moins 3700 personnes dans le monde ayant reçu ce prénom, ce qui représente environ 0.001% de la population. I feel that with Rayla, it depended on the Actress herself when she was saying her lines. Posts; Ask me anything; Submit a post; Archive; under the stars 敖 tdp tdpart tdpfanart rayllum rayllumfanart callum rayla the dragon prince thedragonprince tdprayla tdpcallum tdprayllum HOW ARE THEY SO CUTE my art. In Brave they had Scottish voice actors and actresses though? 24 comments . At the end it’s the unconscious human desire to fit in and adapt. multi fandom mess :0 | NO REPOSTS | accent by studio Ghibli. Now it kind of became a part of her character and I can't imagine Rayla without her accent. Her moral stance on the fate of the villagers of Murky Waters then comes as no surprise as she accuses them of being traitors for harbouring the elves. Le prénom Rayla est composé de cinq lettres. Find communities you're interested in, and become part of an online community! There are a couple of bits which are glaringly obviously trying to be authentic with the pronunciation of the word 'stupid' being the most prominent. Which is odd, when it seems like all the other elves have a (not great) Scottish accent. I am also super excited to see Xadia, which Rayla makes out to be quite beautiful. Pretty sure they wanted the 'children' to be able to understand her, as Scottish accents can be kinda complicated to understand if you're not raised around Scots. Extremely Scottish Rayla!WATCH THE SEQUEL, EXTREMELY SOKKA CALLUM HERE! Yeah i noticed and it really bothered me. Some have a harder time losing their accents others don’t. Because they got mixed up 100%, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the TheDragonPrince community. Because of this, she has trouble balancing her responsibilities as an assassin, and her natural compassion. I guess Runaan is the weird one since doesn't seem to have any Scottish accent whatsoever (except for like three whole words at one point, I think? Callum uses Dark Magic to help Rayla rescue a dragon!I do not own The Dragon Prince series.Thanks for Watching! I agree. share. Rayla's accent, through my examination, is not what you'd guess. 95% Upvoted. The other compilation video was missing several scenes I enjoy that I felt fit, so I made one with them. The hunt for the free elves who had been resting near Θολά Νερά was led by White Rayla, a mercenary hired by the Order of the Flaming Rose. share . He fired the Six Flags mascot, Mr. Six, and tried out a racist campaign in which a generically Asian character screamed, “More flags, more fun!” in a generically Asian accent. What I cannot do is tell if, when acted, they are spot on or wildly off the mark. Granted I've only watched episode one, so I can't comment on the accent going in and out. ! They talked about it a bit in the AMA. I seem to be the only one who feels this way though. The good news is that its not something that's very hard to fix in the next season. your own Pins on Pinterest Id bind my life for Rayla. "aaaay Kon Deow theiz"(I can do this). I don't know if they had her do an English accent and Scottish accent, and later decided which to use for their takes. I felt it was their way of trying to be inclusive. High quality Rayla gifts and merchandise. Actually, the canadian accent is extremely hard if not impossible to tell from a northern and central US accent. I mean, maybe it gets way worse as it goes one, but I didn't find it bad at all. Ok, so having watched a little of episode 2, I'll relent. Despite that, Rayla started to educate Callum on the Primal Sources, the types of elves that live in Xadia and during a boat ride down the river talked about her hom… Funko Pop of Rayla. When Rayla was little she played in the meadow outside of her village in the Silvergrove, and made friends with the adoraburrs. Rayla as she appears in Callum's Spellbook. I guess not. Pronunciation of Rayla with 1 audio pronunciation and more for Rayla. Hopefully for one reason or another, it hasn’t been destroyed or its entry been blocked by the time the trio visits. Just watched the first episode with a friend and we can't get over Rayla's accent(s?) It's nice if you ask me. We would like to formally announce @eerna as our official cover artist for Falling For You: A Rayllum Zine! Discussion. Eerna has been fantastic to work with and we are absolutely in love with the art she produced for this zine! He sounded American 90% of the time, and only barely Scottish. The series follows the story of the prince half-brothers Callum and Ezran and the elf Rayla, who, as they take care of the infant dragon prince Azymondias, must end the thousand-year-old conflict between the human kingdoms and the magical creatures of the land of Xadia. 1,123 notes. I can tell apart an Irish accent from a Scottish one, and British from American from Australian speakers. And failed. 568 notes Aug 14th, 2020. Enjoy! From her lovely Scottish accent to her Naruto run, I find the moonshadow elf quite endearing. I think Runaan and some other moon elves had English accents. Its that time again, fam! Rayla was the daughter of a elven woman and a human man, making her a Half-elf. 10. That was so cringey. It feels like they forgot to redub half of her lines with the Scottish accent. How can their accents be super-fake-weird? Oct 12, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Fangirl Takeover (The Greatest. Miserably. Il s'agit donc d'un prénom rare. Does her accent kinda bother some of y’all? There was only one (maybe two?) other elves that had Scottish accents. She is more compassionate then her fellow elves, finding it hard to kill someone in cold blood. We can't get past it. Did a director just tell her to do every accent she could? I'm used to hearing Scotish accents so I am a bit biased. You gotta love that accent, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the TheDragonPrince community. I'm not an export so maybe you could tell me if that's correct! Her suit is secured by dark brown straps. She was born in Lyria, where she lived in a hamlet. hide. Tons of awesome The Dragon Prince wallpapers to download for free. I mean I love the show and I like Rayla but her S1 accent did nearly put me off continuing with the show. She wears a dark brown belt embellished with a silver brooch. In the e… report. 28 comments. Scots dialect however, that is flirting with what separates language from accent. They've definitely toned it down/evened it out in later series. Has anyone else noticed this? Maybe she is altering it to be understandable to young non-Scottish kids, or to be something original in a fantasy setting, or maybe she has a specific regional version of the Scottish accent and that's how she always talks. Up until the episode, \"Wonderstorm\", she wore a seemingly indestructible silver ribbon binding her …

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