I’m having a terrible time controlling the mold in my bathroom…. I fill a downy ball up to the top and place it on top of the clothes at the wash cycle. I didn’t run into that issue Whitney, so I’d say make a little less, or leave it vented, and you should be fine! I can’t wait to try this in the laundry. Uses Castile Soap which is great at cleaning grease, yet gentle on all surfaces! I hate using bleach and chemicals to whiten my laundry. I don’t have lemons or lemon juice on me, though I do have lemon EO. Pour the oils and vinegar in your spray bottle (preferably 16 oz.) Great recipe, I’m just curious if you know how long this will last? Try it. So that got scratched off the list too. However, most, if not all of my clothes say to wash in cool to warm water, not hot. What I’m confused about is the price of the peroxide, seems to me the cheapest is about $4 for 32oz? 2 capfuls Thieves Household All-Purpose Cleaner. My concern and question is this. Not absolutely necessary Kathleen, but it is a natural way to whiten. It’s Better than regular bleach. Your email address will not be published. I have a question about your recipe. Any ideas? Looking to clean the shower of mildew and general scum. Consult a doctor if irritation persists. Do you think it would work for killing mold in grout? I previously used bleach not only to treat whites, but also to kill any possible bacteria, fungi, etc. I’ve ruined too many clothes! Citric acid helps make the cleaning solution more effective if you have hard water, but I don’t keep this on hand and don’t want to buy it just for this recipe. can I store this homemade bleach alternative in an old rinsed out bleach container? Gross. Got a question: is the Lemon Oil just for the scent? Some other recipes call for equal parts hydrogen peroxide and lemon juice, but I thought that was a bit expensive with so much lemon juice. Download my free guide 5 Days to DIY Natural Living to learn how to save money while getting rid of harmful toxins throughout your home. Now that’s what I call eco-friendly and they don’t cost that much either. dontwastethecrumbs.com/essential-oils. Do you use the bottled concentrated lemon juice? Fresh Mint Window & Mirror Cleaner. Shake well. Hi Mary! . Would you be able to use this for the shower or general cleaning in place of bleach? The cleanest it’s been in a long time. I haven’t used bleach for years since it is so caustic & toxic. Then I started storing it in the refrigerator. Homemade Bleach Alternative recipe that uses all natural ingredients found in your home and costs 1/3 less than store-bought. I’ve been doing quite a bit of research into homemade recipes and my family has decided on the following: Bleach – hydrogen peroxide,lemon juice,essential oil, water mix Citrus oils can be hard on the skin, I’d test wash a couple and see how baby does before running a whole load through. My biggest need of bleach is in our shower! GREAT idea reusing the kitty litter jug! Sorry if that is a silly question! Thanks so much for sharing! Thanks for this very important and interesting article & comments! Definitely worth the addition if you have it already! Content may not be reproduced in any form. https://myheavenlyrecipes.com/homemade-cleaner-with-essential-oils Thanks! Simply add everything together in a large jar (feel free to double the recipe). What proportions of vinegar and other ingredients? They come from India and grow on trees! Pour hydrogen peroxide, vinegar or lemon juice, and essential oils in gallon jug. Thank you so much for this alternative. I would make it up as I needed it, using much smaller measurements. Since lemon juice is supposed to be refrigerated, doesn’t this go rancid sitting in a closet? Consider subscribing if you don’t want to miss it when new posts go up!! I haven’t tried it yet on mold, but we have the same issue living so close to the ocean. If you have it on hand, go ahead and use it. Definitely going to have to try this! Hi, the only Hydrogen Peroxide I can get is 6%. I had problems still with static in some of my clothes with straight vinegar so making the solution and adding the soap-nuts took care of that problem. I am highly allergic to lemons and can’t be around them or smell them. I’ve found that it is washing my clothes MUCH better and is also MUCH cheaper! So please take a look around and find some inspiration! Since tap water has chlorine in it, is this causing harmful vapors??? Homemade Cleaners with Essential Oils. do u still u this bleach alternative today? It’s my goal to provide a heathier lifestyle for my family and help others do the same. I just moved from the dry northwest to humid tropical Florida where I never knew black mold could grow so quickly in the shower! Simply add everything together in a large jar (feel free to double the recipe). I’m not sure how you had mold in this recipe Diane… I’ve been making this monthly for several months now without any issue!

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