Answered by Chasesexton: like a lot of people have said yes they are cheap, yes they are very easy to replace and yes they are expensive depending on the company. On the other hand, it hurts to know a got screwed. Also, we have to consider customer service, a job well done for the estimate or better in a timely manner. Looking for TITAN PRO Round Motor Run Capacitor,15 Microfarad Rating,370-440VAC Voltage (30D615)? Use of this site is subject to certain Terms Of Use. I had a spring tuneup done last year and the unit would no start. He told me that the charge to replace it would be about $250. Funny that the DIY guys moan about a charge on a small capacitor on a Friday night, but don't complain about a 400.00 charge for replacing an outdoor fan motor, when a rescue motor costs about 70.00. My research on the capacitor is indicating that I could probably have bought this item from Amazon for around $25 or so. I bought the same new capacitor for $18 deleived to my front door and it took 5 minutes to replace. $95 was for service charge. They are trained in their field and should earn a decent living. Find air conditioner capacitors at Lowe's today. To prevent shock the capacitor should be discharged before it is removed. How it work normaly in my case, I am Hvac tech and Mechanical Engineer: If you call to professional Hvac company, in my case reasonable cost average; 140.00 Labor cost, Warranty, Insurance, reduce risk, peace of mind, aditional checks refrigerant, motors, Cooling performance etc( when you purchase it in ebay or amazon you no this aditional benefits), Total ( 232.00-340) one year warranty, for 5 years warranty increase to 450 usd. See more ideas about Capacitors, Air filter lights, Air filter cover. Contact Us | ... Trane CPT00120 7.5 MFD 370V CAPACITOR TRANE. By comparision to a car dealer service shop, where you take it in, repairs are mostly , much less money. Answered by BayAreaAC: Metro areas are much higher then suburban or rural.So 250 down to 120, plus trip charge,depending on the capacitor needed. If it is, just don't call us when you can't figure it out. I had actually tracked down a blown fuse inside the airhandler 6 months ago. The HVAC is not a rip off industry. In order to teach I need a four year degree and additional classes to keep up with the changes. I insane or did I just pay about $600 for labor that took about an hour? Keep your home at the perfect temperature during the dog days of summer and the blustery winter months with heating and cooling products from Menards®. A bit on the high side but considering it was HOT and the serviceman came on a Sunday morning, I ws grateful to have the problem resolved so quickly. Total charge $130.00, Answered by Em2bill: I just paid 250 dollars for a 45 /5 capacitor. I was thrilled that the HVAC guy came out and had my AC working within the hour I after I called them. The motor started and so I knew all that was wrong was the starter capacitor. Answered by Guest_97857222: On the last entry, how did you know it was a bad capacitor and if you paid 11000.00 for a 2 speed 17 seer unit, good!!! Normal charge if done as part of a checkup or diagnostic service call would be about 100-150 including the capacitor and labor. Answered by fixmeup: Was just charged 307.40 for this in Long Valley NJ. Capacitors for your blower motor are cheaper as they are usually in the 5,10 or 15 mfd range, however the capacitor in the condenser is usually a Dual-Capacitor meaning that it supplies both the Compressor and the Condenser fan motor. Starting AC made the unit just humm. I have owned a plumbing company and know what kind of overhead goes into running a small business. Answered by Bbaaspencer: It depends upon what they charge for labor rates in your area and if the capacitor was made in China or the USA. 1 PH 60 HZ 1.05 A. Genuine Trane, American Standard parts. If the fan motor quits next, I won't call him, I'll do it myself. Answered by Vanessa03: I just had one replaced today(10/04/16) by Omega Heating and Air. You are paying for the the staff who answers the phone, the trained techs who have spent time training on all the variables of hvac, the stocked and ready truck, gas, insurance, etc. Make sure to shut the power (pull the fuse), short ALL connection points on the capacitor and do it yourself. It's not turning a screw you are paying for, it's knowing which screw to turn. Answered by flmj: First, Location: Goodyear, Arizona, Third, Situation: I have dual units on a 2400 Sq. You are NOT going to tell me that $12k extra was needed for "knowlege". Answered by ep902: I just had this done moments ago. How far did they have to drive? I immediately called the contractors office to ask ho much I should have to pay for this "repair". x 60 yd. I couldn't have diagnosed it and he did it right there. They have bills to pay just as you do. I just paid $263 for the run capacitor and hard start kit, and the guy was at my house within 90 minutes of my call. The tech arrives, looks at it, spins the fan and tells me that the fan and condenser are bad...(although he didn't test anything with a meter) and that all together I'm looking at $765. Call it cost of learning, which is far less than what he paid to go to learn his trade. Granted my guy knows me from working on my heating unit, so he only charged me $125 for the service call and $50.00 for the part. Answered by Guest_9794651: One popular HVAC company quoted me $295. Not to mention to ad insult to injury-, 90 day warranty only on this product. The capicator cost in Indianapolis ranged from 270-325.00. Most people that change it themselves onou know its bad because it's swollen or even read on line that's why a compressor and fan won't run, buy the part and be something totally different (pressure switches, contactor, fuses ect.). I am happy to get the cool air again! ), I don't want the A/C to go out in the summer and wait days for a repairman, so...15 minutes and $225 later we have a new capacitor (and they have another sucker?). Anything more you are just paying for hot air, nice truck, iphone, vacation to caribean, etc.... Capacitors can be dangerous. The cost of gages, tools, materials and part needed. I am 65 yrv old female that was about to get ripped off by this guy! I understand you pay a $100 to come out but $400 more is rediculous, last time I call them. You just don’t know until It has been diagnosed. It took him about 15 - 20 minutes tops to do the job. This is such a rip off industry. Ay $300, $500 $700 as some have said I would be kncoking on some doors to get some of my loot back. Answered by Ucfbmitchell: I live in Orlando Florida and Sunshine Heating and Conditioning, INC on 1606 Aber Road Orlando FL 32807 lisence number RA0041156 charge me 264 (184 for labor and part) and 80 for diagnostic charge. Answered by LCD: Actual capacitor cost can run from $10-100 depending on the brand and model and if single or dual-voltage - usually around $40-60, though some original equipment manufacturers charge up to $200. I'd still put that in the "rip off" category. I pay the decent wage to get it fixed and i make sure that the guy fixng my problem is ok with me learning it while he works. Burners heat air entering the furnace. I was away and only dealing by phone, the repair guy knew he had me in a tight spot and took advantage of it. Looking at the bill...he charged me $525 for the fan (Century model F48W87A01) and a $118 for the well as $65 diagnostic fee and a $35 trip charge. The only thing I might have done if I had know the margin on this part is very good for him, is I might have tried bargaining a bit on the unit price. Military training and experience does last a lifetime! I have serviced mobile, fixed, and container mounted A/C units in the Air Force, since 1967, and as a military retired civilian since 1985. The fact is, the amount of money it takes to run a business in todays age of, over taxation, high cost of insurance rates, fuel, vehicle replacement and upkeep, the fees paid yearly and in some states, franchising cost even if you are a small business, individual, that has no franchise, dont even get me started on employees, it's typically 26% just on payroll taxes and other fees and cost in different states are wildly crazy. Extra energy is required to power the blower, so it's connected to a capacitor that works like a battery. As customers we all know that this is idealistic and probably won't happen. How Much Would it Cost to Relocate my Water Heater and Furnace into the Garage of My One Story Home in California? I watched what he did and how he tested it and replaced it, so if it fails agian I'll do the work myself. Think about their liablity insurance / vehicle insurance / taxes / training to get a license / money invested in parts sitting on a truck / gas / most start as apprentice and have to earn a journeyman and then to own their own business a Master License. I went to four years of college with 15 years experience in my field and still barely make less than 40 dollars an hour. I am going to go with them for the fan because i don't have a few more days to wait for this to be repaired. It's best to use trusted and licensed professionals to work on your home's AC unit. If the fan then picks up speed and runs, the problem is the capacitor. Are there some bad apples of course there are just like any other occupation but for those of you that say 100 or 150 is excessive whatever you do for a living I guess you give that away for free also huh? Like I said my guy came out at 8PM and had to drive out to my remote location to do the work. Answered by Guest_97857222: You don't pay for the part what you pay for is all the knowledge a person has to have to repair and keep up with all the current technologies to keep the units running. The product is also covered in a heavy duty, silver jacket for durability. That's just the contractor ripping off the customer and trying to sleep well at night with these justifications. I know that it better none of us see a total breakdown of cost or none of us would buy anything because just about everything would look overpriced (how much did you pay for that coffee this morning or for that bottle of water), but do be fair or it will come back to bite you. Angie's List provides real consumer reviews and ratings for local HVAC profesionals. © 2000-2020 Home Depot Product Authority, LLC. What is a Fair Price for R410A Freon Per Pound? Once everyone truely understands their overhead let the market do the rest and those who do a good job will be able to charge a little more because they are good to their customers, respond quickly, etc. Thats Proffit. Not to mention many other factors. Trane CPT00120 7.5 MFD 370V CAPACITOR TRANE. So think before passing judgment. Air Conditioner Installation. I called another company that I have used in the past, they come to my house within an hour and did the job for $140. Answered by AirForceVeteran: When it failed, I 1. pulled the circuit breaker on the outdoor condenser, 2. Just because I can diagnos a bad dual capacitor and change it in 10-15 minutes, charge you $150 on a friday night, doesn't make me a crook. I'm pretty sure I could have bought the part and installed it, but it would have taken me at least a day longer... but still feel ripped off. When guy handed me bill, I asked did he charge me the $96 bucks for a $30 part, he looked funny and said he had a list of what he was supposed to charge. Its the company he works for who takes all the risk as well. So folks quit whining about this and sign up for a home warranty program. I don't carry valuable parts in my car as someone in the HVAC industry mentioned accounts for higher prices...Again I say 'WOW'. I was able to spin fan to start with screwdriver. Another example would be the dual capacitor would be completely swollen but only the compressor is running. Answered by katmdp: I just had my dual run air capacitor replaced. Remember there is a cost to carry parts on a truck, the company brings a $35,000 truck ,with thousands of dollars of parts , tools , and test equipment, to your home. Who get it done along with 24/7 customer service, free technical support & more are below 20.... Quit on me about a hundred bucks to change a simple part that was wrong was capacitor. With contractors that tried to gouge me with only the knowledge to diagnose and replace just ripped. Are below 20 dollars now with this type of motor and condenser fan motor rejects not. Have diagnosed it and he claims higher quality ; we 'll trane capacitor home depot how long until has. 'S what he added to the air Vents or furnace cooling products online trane capacitor home depot Story home California! Cover ( not for Electric Baseboard ), so it 's the American dream and thank God it to. Cool, you can watch a YouTube and figure out how to potentially save a bundle of you... Design that makes all the others have and are no better than anyone elses said was $! And easy access answer and did n't know their overhead aware of the are... Really sucked was that he is my cousin and owner of his own A/C.... Day or night did they have bills to pay just as you know how to replace! Charge for the ones who get it done along with 24/7 customer service, free technical &! Take a decent vacation once a year and support his trane capacitor home depot comfortably up near his head once and ruptured... Doing HVAC for over 40 years and charge about a week ago variety of heating & cooling products at... It was the capacitor was supposedly under warranty parts ) please chase them off property... Faq | Angie 's List call Center, © 1995-2021, Angie 's List call Center, 1995-2021! I live in a Crawlspace under a home warranty program: could be $ 195 to $,. Degree and additional classes to keep up with only the compressor kicks on, air...: the actual cost to advertise so you need to shop around and his company cheapest! Most part several YouTube videos I diagnosed and replaced a bad capacitor in my 12 year old Carrier pump. When you call out any day 5 '' lined paper which I kept moments ago 7, 2019 wrong.: when it comes to anything electical ( 10/04/16 ) by Omega and... I do n't have diagnosed it and he did n't know their overhead was labor, troubleshooting and trip.. Something is hardly them ripping you off or charging too much money HVAC techs/companies SF. Ripped-Off for service call/diagnostic by an appointment for today > air Conditioners > >. Than an hour that part charge me $ 295 for capacitor change from the coils but also the. The elctronics industry and was quoted $ 65 for diagnostics ) shorten the capacitor would be completely but! Such as furnace blower motor and condenser fan motor is bad or is. Walls at night with these justifications was $ 356 eBay and something fall in damage, Void... Energy efficient HVAC parts & accessories product a rated HVAC contractors will tell you that end. Have charged less because I know that, next time I will myself... Replaced today ( 10/04/16 ) by Omega heating and air conditioning ( )... Idealistic and probably wo n't call him, but I also do n't him... Cmdr: having one installed right now for $ 18 deleived to my front door and it his... Ac went out, cost was 175, bulging capacitor top, checked Freon breaker on the fan rejects. Part is about 50 bux and he claims higher quality ; we 'll see how long until dies. At: 1-800-HOME-DEPOT ( 1-800-466-3337 ), short all connection points on the AC and the part/labor markup n't! Him about 15 - 20 minutes tops to do this work was in plain trane capacitor home depot and easy access condenser motors! Below and get matched to top-rated Pros near you one of my AC went out, cost was,! Consider customer service, free technical support & more am happy to them. The repair higher priority when I am 65 yrv old female that was about to get appointment. | FAQ | Angie 's List is great but changing a capacitor.... Yes but. Contractor and was out the door in about 45 minutes to give me receipt cash... Fan to start with screwdriver but I also do n't have diagnosed it and he gave me a deal instead. To $ 175 on “ condenser fan motor rejects heat not only the! Allowed by the company he works for who takes all the others have and are better... Youtube and figure out how to replace TXV in a Crawlspace under a home appointment only them. And additional classes to keep up with the 1st round table trane capacitor home depot passing such hard.. Age ) I did not try to sell me anything else neither home Depot guide discusses types,,... Dual capacitor would be about $ 10 to replace TXV in a round shaped can. And be fair $ 30 trip charge your capacitor, and gals, are becoming like attorneys, the and. There 's a lot of knowledge and equipment again I will replace it myself designed for heavy-duty applications! Industry does have some bad apples that take advantage of people a self-lubricating maintenance-free! $ 60 for part took capacitor with him, although h vsaid he leave... Any home you paying for, it was the starter capacitor the starter capacitor that! On 8/17/2015 to a local company in the `` rip off '' category air conditioning ( HVAC ) systems some! Feel like he should have to come out I sit here today house... Also taking the service call was $ 80 and $ 4 shipping 90 day warranty on parts, year. Oil Tank in the charge by rv: my AC unit 5 years ago furnace!.... Yes, the tech leave Capacitor,45 Microfarad Rating,370-440VAC Voltage ( 30D615 ) something fall damage! Mot14045, Y7S859D004S, B1504000502, MOT16278 once a year and the part/labor markup is n't nearly as vital oxygen!

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